A Snow White Christmas

A Snow White Christmas by Toni Shiloh, is a contemporary retelling of Snow White, previously published in the Once Upon a Christmas anthology.

When heiress Amala White hears her fiance plotting with her stepmother to steal her fortune, she flees her home and runs right into a blizzard. Fortunately, a kind stranger offers her refuge. Snowed in, Amala gets to know the handsome stranger and his seven quirky uncles and wonders if this is really what family is all about.

Marcus Royal is wary of strangers, but a blizzard brings him in forced proximity with a woman who makes him question the walls around his heart. Working around the orchard allows him to see layers Amala hides under. Maybe they’re not so different after all.
Can the healing power of Christmas and fun uncles bring about a romance?

Re-released November 14, 2022.

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