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Takeover Tuesday: Ann Marie Bryan

Happy New Year!!

I’m so glad you’re here reading this book. Today’s Takeover Tuesday host is Ann Marie Bryan. She’ll be talking about so grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and chat with her!

Love Again

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It was a pleasure to write Love Again, the highly anticipated second installment in the McIntosh Brothers Series. Intensely emotional yet beautifully romantic, Love Again is a deeply moving story about faith, courage, a second chance at love… and what it really means to be a family.

In this novel, readers will follow the love story of Rylan McIntosh and Savannah McKenzie. When they were young adults, Rylan and Savannah were deeply in love with each other, but unfavorable circumstances separated them. Now they are thrown back together by a situation none of them saw coming. They battle through the pain of their past as it comes crashing into the present. Will love bloom again? Sometimes, all you need is a second chance at love. Let the adventure begin.

Inspiration To Write

For me, writing is a ministry. It’s a way to remind readers about God’s purpose and plan for their lives, and the wholeness that comes from living a Christ-centered life.  

While romance and drama are happening in this novel, the central message is to stay the course as you walk in purpose. In other words, as you pursue your purpose, be relentless, have courage, lift your faith, and trust God that all things are working for your good. Importantly, God takes us out of our comfort zone to stretch us and show us that we can accomplish far more than we think.  

The underlying scripture used in Love Again is Philippians 1:6 (NKJV), “being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

Favorite Character

I enjoyed writing the hero, Rylan McIntosh. Rylan is the youngest of the McIntosh brothers. As is characteristic of a last-born child, he is free-spirited, charming, and outgoing. On top of that, he’s a physically appealing, highly intelligent, sensitive soul. Rylan has a growing relationship with the Lord, and he has a great sense of self. He is relentless in the pursuit of his goals.

Hardest Part of Writing

Writing is a creative endeavor, so I have to carve out time to write and be in the right frame of mind for my creative juices to flow. I write about characters that are complex and layered, so there’s always that struggle to make sure the right message flow off the pages.

Up Next

I’m excited about my writing journey, and I’m grateful for my readers and the opportunity to share with others. I just wrapped up Love Again, so I’m thinking about writing Trust Again, book 3 in the McIntosh Brothers Series. In addition, I want to stay connected with my readers, so I’m building a community of readers that will engage with each other and show up as themselves.

About the Book

Rylan McIntosh was twenty-three years old when Savannah McKenzie shattered his world. Everything was almost perfect … until she disappeared. Nearly seven years later, Savannah stands before him with not a hint of remorse. The naive young girl is gone and the woman in her place is at the top of her game. She’s all glam in a tailored suit, acting like they were nothing more than mere acquaintances. But she’s forgotten something—how relentless he can be.

Having experienced more than her fair share of tragedy, the last thing Savannah wants is to contend with Rylan. Back then, she’d surrendered to her feelings for him and conceded to his request for a relationship … well, until she was forced to flee. Seeing Rylan again stirs up buried memories she has no intention of reviving.

All bets are off as they battle through the hurt and pain of their shared past. Savannah begs for a truce and, surprisingly, Rylan agrees. That’s until he discovers a web of secrets and lies that run deeper than he could have ever imagined. Still, some connections are too powerful to ignore. Will Rylan and Savannah develop the courage to leave the past behind? Will they allow God to restore what has been broken?

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About the Author

Ann Marie Bryan is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, and writing consultant, with more than a decade of experience providing top-notch literary services and innovative personal and professional development solutions to clients. As Founder and CEO of Victorious By Design, she uses her extensive knowledge and experience in human resources, information technology, banking, and writing to bring a well-rounded perspective when working with clients.

A Christian fiction author, Ann Marie writes to inspire and empower others. Her celebrated bestselling Encounters of the Heart series, blends faith and romance that test the resilience of love. In addition, Ann Marie serves as the Editor-in-Chief of VBD Magazine, a quarterly literary and empowerment resource for the faith-based community. When she is not writing and training, Ann Marie enjoys speaking at conferences, retreats, workshops, and special events.

Ann Marie’s greatest passion is to empower others to succeed by tapping into their God-given potential. She enjoys writing, reading, dancing, teaching, meeting people, and traveling. With all the knowledge and experiences that God has so graciously blessed her with, Ann Marie is determined to make her life a ministry for the Lord.

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