Book Review: Walking in Tall Weeds

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on Robin W. Pearson’s latest release, Walking in Tall Weeds. If you’ve never read Ms. Pearson, you definitely want to add her to your TBR pile. She has a way of pulling you into family relationships that feel familiar yet offer a view you may never have explored.

So grab your cup of tea (or coffee) and read along!

About the Book

Frederick, Paulette, and McKinley Baldwin have always been a family of “onlys” in their town of Hickory Grove, North Carolina. An only son . . . married to an only daughter . . . blessed with a one and only child, McKinley.

Paulette is determined her son will want for nothing, least of all a mother’s love and attention–which her own skin color cost her as a child. But all her striving leaves her husband on the outside looking in.

Frederick still struggles with the theft of his grandpa’s land all those years ago, and he aims to get it back, no matter what it takes. He doesn’t count on his marriage becoming a casualty of his personal war.

McKinley’s doing his best to stand on his own two feet, even though he had to run away to Philadelphia to do it. The last thing he wants is to walk in his father’s troubled footsteps at George & Company. Yet that’s exactly where he finds himself, on a tortuous path of his own design.

As the Baldwins dredge up the past, they discover that their history is only skin-deep, while their faith takes them right to the heart of things. And it’s there they must learn to temper justice with mercy–and that God’s love is the only family tie that binds.

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My Thoughts

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Robin W. Pearson has a gift with drawing a reader into the heart of family. The family may not look like yours or it may be exactly what you’re familiar with.

But even in the familiar, she has a way of pulling truths to the light and coaxing the reader to see a situation after a different fashion.

Her southern style of writing is like a warm blanket on a winter’s day and makes the journey all the more enticing. Fans won’t want to miss her newest read and newbies will fall in love with the way she explores familial relationships and how they shape us all.

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher via NetGalley. My review was not required nor influenced.

About the Author

Robin W. Pearson’s A LONG TIME COMIN’ won the Christy Award for First Novel. Both her debut and her second release, ‘TIL I WANT NO MORE (Feb. 2021), earned a Publishers Weekly starred review. Her novels show how man’s timeless love affair with God affects day-to-day relationships. Robin’s writing sprouts from her Southern roots, and she has corrected grammar up and down the East coast, starting with Houghton Mifflin Company. Her family’s faith, life lessons, and life’s longings inspire her as a wife, homeschooling mother of seven, and author, what she blogs about on…. They’re the source of the characters living and breathing in the stories waiting to be told about her belief in Jesus Christ and the experiences at her own kitchen sink.

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