Book Review: To Begin Again

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you had a great bookish weekend. I read an arc copy of Emily Conrad’s To Begin Again. Today is its release day so now you can get the third book in the Rhythms of Redemption Romances series!

Have you read books 1 and 2 yet? If not, I highly recommend them but they don’t have to be read in order to enjoy To Begin Again. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and read my thoughts!

About the Book

Every dream comes at a price.

Michaela Vandehey’s reality show win transformed her from the girl whose own father ignored her into a pop singer loved by the masses. But fame has proven hard to keep. To bolster her floundering career, she heads to Wisconsin to snag a collaboration with the iconic rock band Awestruck. There, she meets bass guitarist Philip, a dad whose devotion challenges her skepticism about love and family.

Whatever faith Philip Miller had died with his wife. Now, “Amazing Grace” is nothing but a lullaby to sing to his children in her memory. Thanks to Awestruck, he can provide privileged lives for his kids, but he has no intention of finding love again. If only he weren’t so drawn to Michaela.

When he falls for her despite himself, Michaela learns the dark secret that threatens his family’s future. The grace they’ve heard so much about might grant them the fresh start they need, but to begin again, they’ll first have to sacrifice what they hold most dear.

A meaningful Christian romance with a side of fame and fortune for readers who enjoy faith-filled escapes and happily-ever-afters where no one is beyond hope of redemption. Start reading today!

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My Thoughts

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Emily Conrad has a way of crafting a novel that pulls you in and places you in the shoes of the characters.
Philip and Michaela have some deep hurts they’re holding onto and that has carved a path they’re not sure they even want to deviate from. Two flawed characters who meet and attempt a path to happily ever after. In To Begin Again, they learn what true love means, the Source, and how their lives will change.
If you want to see hard subjects handled by with the grace of God, then this series and book is for you. You’ll close the book challenged and changed for the better.

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. My review was not required nor influenced.

About the Author

Emily Conrad writes contemporary Christian romance that explores life’s relevant questions. Though she likes to think some of her characters are pretty great, the ultimate hero of her stories (including the one she’s living) is Jesus. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and their energetic coonhound rescue. Learn more about her and her books at

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