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Takeover Tuesday with Teresa Tysinger

Happy Tuesday, reader friends!

Today we have the awesome Teresa Tysinger here. She’s talking about her newest release, Say It’s For Good. This book is so good so be sure to grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and read on!

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My novel Say It’s For Good releases today! I admit, however, that I’m having mixed emotions about it. 

Of course, publishing a book brings excitement and often relief. This book, in particular, gave me a run for my money. The months it took me to write it felt grueling and took more determination than I thought I had in me. I pushed through the difficult writing sessions and didn’t give up. Whether a book comes together smoothly, or the road is bumpy, finally getting it out in the world is a big accomplishment. I’ll definitely be celebrating!

With that said, I’m also feeling a little sad. You see, this is the fourth and final book in my Laurel Cove Romance series. The first book, Someplace Familiar, was my debut novel. With this series, I embarked on my writing adventure. Laurel Cove, North Carolina is the fictional town in which each book takes place. Inspired by one of my favorite places on earth, Burnsville, North Carolina, Laurel Cove has become so special to me. I will miss visiting Laurel Cove and its kind and loving residents. Isn’t it funny how fictional places and people become so real to us? 

Of course, closing a chapter on this series is also a new beginning, in a way, which brings anticipation. With Say It’s For Good and an upcoming fun novella collection completed, I’ll be starting a much-needed writing break, probably for the rest of this year. After releasing several books in a few short years, my creativity needs to recharge. This writer also has a tall TBR pile begging for some attention. I’m looking forward to this new beginning that will, I’m confident, lead me to a new and refreshed season of writing in the future. 

Happy and sad. Endings and beginnings. It might be cliché, but this circle of life keeps us moving. When we take the good with the bad, we can realize the “bad” can also be moments of blessing. As my first contemporary romance series comes to an end, I’m overwhelmingly grateful and proud. God has seen me through the process, faithfully by my side. And I know He’ll be with me through the break and whatever’s next.

About the Author

Teresa Tysinger is an author of Southern Contemporary Romance inspired by grace. She writes on the fringes of being a wife, mom, and full-time communications and public relations professional. Teresa loves coffee, traveling, and prides herself in knowing and loving almost every genre of music. Born in Hawaii, raised in Florida, and educated in North Carolina, she now resides in Texas with her husband, daughter, and dog. Follow at https://teresatysinger.com.

About the Book

Is a decade enough time to heal old wounds?

Professional chef Leah Spencer is level-headed, responsible, and practical—making it an easy decision to move home to Laurel Cove, North Carolina to care for her ailing father. All he wants is for his only child to find love and partnership like he had with his late wife—before he leaves her all alone. Desperate to ease his worries, as well as her own, she breaks character and creates a fake relationship with the one man in town who likely wants nothing to do with her. And the one man she’s ever truly loved.

Ladies’ man Jasper Bowdon has successfully avoided commitment ever since his heart was broken a decade ago. Casual dating, however, had grown tiresome and he’d recently decided to take a break from women to finally figure out what he really wants. Why, then, does he agree to a pretend relationship with the very woman who’d ruined him in the first place? And why is he left wondering if it could all be part of God’s plan to heal them both?

Love and friendship get a second chance in this final installment of the Laurel Cove Romance Series. Books in this series are stand-alone and can be read and enjoyed in any order.

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