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Wrong Turn Christmas by Katy Eeten

Today I have guest Katy Eeten on the blog. Please welcome her and say hi in the comments. Grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and enjoy!

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I want to thank Toni for hosting me on her blog today! I’m excited to share about my Christmas novella, Wrong Turn Christmas, published by Anaiah Press. This story is about a middle school teacher named April whose father is battling cancer. In her effort to help her parents pay their outrageous medical bills, she inadvertently meets coffeeshop owner Jake, who sympathizes with her story and offers a listening ear.

Though largely fiction, I often weave elements of real life into my stories, and this book is no exception. My dad had cancer when I was in my early twenties, so it wasn’t a leap to write about how this young woman dealt with the ups and downs of her family’s circumstances. And just like April’s dad, my dad had an amazing attitude throughout his battle, even though there were days he couldn’t keep food down or concentrate on his work.

I hope this story will resonate with everyone who has gone through a difficult journey and offer some hope and encouragement, especially during the holidays. It intertwines light-hearted humor with real-life struggles, making it the perfect “realistic escape” for readers like me, who want to be entertained without completely suspending the reality that life isn’t perfect.

In my book, April reveals quite a bit of her family’s situation to Jake, believing him to be her friend’s cousin—a lawyer who she hopes can help make her parents’ insurance company pay for an experimental treatment. Only after bearing her soul does she learn that she’s at the wrong house. What unfolds is a sweet, sometimes humorous, and often poignant romance set in the midst of real-life struggles with an undercurrent of hope all throughout. At least, that’s what I was aiming for! 😊

When it comes to Christian romance, what do you like best? A light-hearted escape where the biggest conflict is how the hero and heroine will figure out they’re right for each other? Harsh realities that make you wonder how the characters will ever get through they’re issues? Realistic struggles that bring the characters closer to each other and God, as long as there’s a “happy-for-now” ending? Whatever your preference, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season.

About the Author

Katy Eeten lives in southeast Wisconsin with her husband, Jason, and their two sons. She works full-time crunching numbers and analyzing data, but her true passion is writing. She has five contemporary Christian romances, three of which are Christmas novellas. When she’s not working or writing, she enjoys taking walks or bike rides, baking goodies, and spending time with her family. Learn more about Katy at her website — https://katyeeten.wordpress.com/.

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About the Book

April is desperate to eliminate her dad’s cancer bills so her family can enjoy the holidays. But, on her way to get legal assistance, she ends up at the wrong house. There, she finds a warm and caring soul… but a boyfriend won’t solve her family’s financial issues.

Jake is surprised to find a beautiful woman on his doorstep asking for help. It’s a case of mistaken identity, but after spending just a little time with April, he knows they are perfect for each other—even if she does have bad taste in football teams. Except April is facing an uphill battle, and he believes he has nothing of real value to offer. Or does he?

One wrong turn might just end up turning a Christmas crisis into a Christmas miracle.


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