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The Worst-Kept Secret

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Today is the release day of Always a Wedding Planner. One of the authors, Leeann Betts, has stopped by to chat about her hero and heroine from her novella in the collection. Grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and chat with her!

About the Book

Love Is Only Business for 4 Wedding Planners

Discover how keeping secrets from each other threatens four women’s friendships, wedding business, and own ability to find love in Loveland, Colorado.

Business partners Felicity Edwards, the cake baker; Kiki Bell, the seamstress; Cassie Blackthorn, the coordinator; and Chef Saffron Delarosa are best of friends in a town that is a romantic wedding destination for many couples—who work together at Weddings by Design to make every bride’s special day perfect. Could each falling into their own romance be the key to working out their differences and learning to trust each other—and God—with their futures?

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“The Worst-Kept Secret”

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In The Worst-Kept Secret, Cassie Blackthorn and Brady Millman are complete opposites. Cassie sees Brady as an extroverted playboy completely out of touch with reality. How the man keeps a business running is a mystery to her. Rumors around town say he came to Colorado because of the legalized marijuana.

The first time she meets Brady, her suppositions are confirmed. He looks like he’s coming off a weekend bender, and his limousine—the one she wants to rent for a client—smells like a brewery. And a vomitorium.

For Brady, he’s not so sure about this Cassie woman. Why does she seem so standoffish? And why doesn’t she like him? Or is it men in general she distrusts? From what he can gather, she’s a workaholic who never has any fun. So why is he drawn to her? Is it true that opposites attract?

However, forced to work with Mr. Playboy, Cassie sees a different side to him. He attends church, as does she, and he seems to be trying to incorporate his faith walk with his business life and social party animal self. Totally unlike her. She has no social life. How could she, when she can barely bring herself to talk to anybody outside her best friends who are also her business partners?

Which brings us to their secrets. Because we all have them, right? Cassie’s is that she is so introverted, she finds it difficult to meet new people or talk to them. And their receptionist is determined to make certain she falls flat on her face by booking as many speaking engagements as she can. Not simply one-on-ones. No, that would be too simple. Women’s groups, bridal parties, girls’ clubs—all anxious, according to Camilla—to hear about planning and pulling off the perfect wedding. From her. Well, she can’t do it. She won’t do it. But how to get out of this situation without alerting her business partners that they’ve welcomed a lemon to their endeavor.

Brady’s secret runs deep and has been a long time in the making. While he was in high school, his brother died of a drug overdose. So he went to college to become a drug and addictions counselor, hoping to save others from the same outcome. He sets up a small practice with mainly evening sessions, and builds the limousine business to support him until he can switch to full-time counseling. Unfortunately, the goals of the limo rental gig sometimes compete with his vocation, and he seeks help from his pastor.

Through a series of mishaps and misunderstandings, Cassie and Brady struggle to see each other as they really are—two people who love Jesus and who are trying to fit their careers into their calling.

Leeann Betts writes contemporary romantic suspense, while her real-life persona, Donna Schlachter, pens historical romantic suspense. Together she and Donna have published more than 30 novellas and full-length novels.

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