Author Interview with Sarah Monzon + #Giveaway

Guess who’s back?!

One of my awesome critique partners (and my bff) has come to talk about her latest book! Sarah Monzon did a soft release of book four in the Sewing in SoCal series. Amanda is a must read and one you want on your shelves. So grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and chat with us!

About the Book

“The devil made me do it” is a phrase that will never pass my lips. Why would it when I have Delores, my undiagnosed autoimmune disorder, to make all my decisions for me? (Yes, I named her myself since the doctors couldn’t do it for me.) A get together with friends? Delores says no. I’ll have my prescheduled daily afternoon fever and fatigue at that time.

My two biggest regrets with having Delores direct my fate? One, my family thinks my illness is all in my head. And two, I set the love of my life, Peter Reynolds, free from my anchoring tether so he could fly. I never thought I’d see him again, but five years later he’s soaring in the limelight as one of the most talked-about defensive players in professional football. Oh, and did I mention he also happens to play for the team my boss just assigned me to as a social media manager?

Meanwhile, nothing much has changed for me. Delores still bosses me around, and I’m still hopelessly in love with Peter. What’s a girl to do?

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Toni: I’m so happy to have you here to talk about your latest release. But before we dive into all things Sewing in SoCal, let’s talk about you. What three books that you’ve read recently would you recommend?

Sarah: All That Really Matters by Nicole Deese, Winning the Gentleman by Kristi Ann Hunter, and Boundless by Tamara Leigh

Toni: I adored Nicole’s book. I need to read the others. How do you organize your bookshelf?

Sarah: By genre and author.

Toni: Makes sense. What’s your favorite bookish phrase or quote?

Sarah: “Open book, open mind.”

Toni: I haven’t heard that one but I love it! Now, out of all the books you’ve written, which one is your favorite and why?

Sarah: You’re an author. You should know to never ask this question.

Toni: *heehee*

Sarah: They are all my favorite for different reasons. Each of them holds a little piece of my heart and my soul.

Toni: I totally get that and am not sorry I asked. 🙂 Now let’s talk about Amanda. Why did you choose to focus on autoimmune disorders in this story?

Sarah: Mostly because health is something that a lot of people struggle with in their day-to-day lives and I hadn’t read many (have I read any??) books where that was such a pivotal part of the main character’s…well…character. Getting to know and relate to fictional characters can help us all relate to real people in our real lives and maybe even be that much more compassionate and loving towards one another.

Toni: And it was so well done! Thanks for giving us a peek into that world. Now, Peter is a football player (tight end) and so I was wondering, what’s your favorite position and favorite team (of course I know, this is for the readers)?

Sarah: I cheer for both the Packers and the Seahawks because my husband is a Packers fan and my son loves the Seahawks. My son also plays flag football and the positions he plays is center and wide receiver so I’m going to have to go with those positions as my favorite.

Toni: I can’t begrudge your allegiance to your husband and son. But I will during football season. 😉 Go Cowboys!!

If Amanda was turned into a movie, who would you cast to play Amanda and Peter?

Sarah: Oh that’s a toughie. Maybe Anna Kendrick and Justice Joslin

Toni: I love those picks! I can totally see it. Last but not least, how can we pray for you?

Sarah: Both my son and I have been having some minor health problems relating to our stomachs over the last year. Healing prayers or even medical answers would be gratefully appreciated.

Toni: We’re on it! Readers, do you have any questions for Sarah? If so, drop them in the comments.

About the Author

A Carol award finalist and Selah award winner, Sarah Monzon is a stay-at-home mom who makes up imaginary friends to have adult conversations with (otherwise known as writing novels). As a navy chaplain’s wife, she resides wherever the military happens to station her family and enjoys exploring the beauty of the world around her.

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Author Sarah Monzon is offering a Kindle giveaway of Amanda. Enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win.

10 thoughts on “Author Interview with Sarah Monzon + #Giveaway”

  1. Great interview! I love Sarah’s books, thanks for the chance to win a copy. Sarah, when you write do you base your story ideas on things you’ve experienced/been around, or is it all from imagination?


    1. I might take some inspiration on personal experiences or observations, but all the stories are ones that God has lain on my heart.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am just appreciative that the illness is not cancer. Autoimmune illnesses need the attention too. My mom was diagnosed with one last year and it was totally unexpected.


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