TBT Book Spotlight + #Giveaway: Blood Moon Redemption

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Today we have Judy DuCharme featuring her book Blood Moon Redemption  for Throwback Thursday. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Blood Moon Redemption is a Third-Place winner in the prestigious Selah Awards for Mystery and Suspense and placed as a Finalist in Religious Fiction and Book Cover Design in the National Indie Excellence Awards. It was named Best Book in Christian Fiction in the Pinnacle Achievement Awards. It also has won a Finalist Award in Christian Fiction in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards and ranked #7 out of 71 in Mystery/Suspense by the IBPA Ben Franklin Awards.

It was just a relic, and hers, just a name. Who knew what time it really was?

The blood moons were always surrounded by great persecution and great provision, great trial and great triumph.

When the Jews were expelled from Spain and traveled with Columbus, only a tassel from a prayer shawl remained with them to signify their faith. That tassel, handed down, stolen, and hidden, became a marker of God’s protection and now is the focus of a terrorist scheme and a young woman’s destiny.

Blood Moon Redemption is an end-times thriller that will keep you riveted until the very last moonrise.

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1492, SPAIN

Terror. Fingers of fear constricted her throat. “Papa.” The word barely escaped Lydia’s lips.  Papa scooped her up, eyes wide, and held her close. The smell of anger filled the air. She did not understand it. The warm summer evening now held a chill that penetrated her.

Never had she known her little home to be full of people shouting. Her father’s ever-present prayer shawl slipped off his shoulder. Lydia grabbed the tassel as he pulled her closer. Men—angry men—shoved Papa and Mama out the door.

Lydia took one final look at the home she loved, the place she felt safe and free, the place where now people broke windows and smashed furniture. The men yelled and yanked the prayer shawl. They ripped and tore it and laughed. Lydia buried her head in her father’s chest. His heart beat so loudly, but he said nothing. She gripped the tassel still wedged between them as the awful men shoved her Papa again, and her family stumbled away.

When she finally felt Papa’s hold on her lessen, the darkness of late evening settled around them. They were in the woods with a gentle rain falling as if the sky didn’t feel the fear. Lydia screwed up her nose. The smoldering smell made her feel a little sick. She tried to understand the events of this day.

In recent weeks fewer people walked the streets and visited their home. Usually guests came often to counsel with her father, the rabbi. She asked her father why one day. He told her times were hard and many moved away. Papa always spoke with calmness and strength, and his answers satisfied Lydia’s curiosity.

But nothing made sense now. Just a few weeks before she and her best friend Gabe whispered that everyone appeared fearful. Where they played they saw broken windows and scattered furniture. Soon she was confined to playing at home, seeing Gabe only at Shabbat. Plus, Shabbat wasn’t even in the synagogue any more since a fire had destroyed their lovely building.

“Papa, where is your prayer shawl?” “Oh, sweetheart, they took it, but God’s Word is in our hearts and we are alive.” His deep brown eyes looked sad, but Lydia, even in the dark, could see the ever-present peace she loved.

“Papa, look!” Lydia opened her hand. She held the tassel from the prayer shawl. “Oh, Lydia, we are blessed. God has given us a piece of Himself to take with us wherever we go.”


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About the Author

Judy DuCharme grew up with Lake Huron next to her back yard and has always loved the water. She, her husband, daughter, and son moved to Door County in 1984. After teaching 5th Grade at Gibraltar School for 22 years, Judy followed the calling that tugged at her all her life to write. Lainey of the Door Islands is her 7th published book and she is the recipient of numerous awards. She also writes for Guideposts Magazine. If you visit Door County, you may find her hiking in the woods, jet skiing on the bay, worshipping at her church, teaching a Bible study, cheering for the Green Bay Packers, playing with her amazing grandson, or sitting outside enjoying the beauty around her.

Judy DuCharme is an award winning author of seven books and writer for Guideposts magazine.

The Cheesehead Devotionals arose from her love of the Green Bay Packers coupled with her love of the Lord and desire to see all people strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

Society of the L.A.M.B. tells the compelling futuristic story of young people who escape the watchers who would incarcerate them for having life within. A grandfather and angels provide assistance and insight to remain loyal to King Glory.

Run With the Wind takes you to the Florida scrub in the late1800s to the life of the Florida Cracker Cowboys. This  historical adventure/romance will entertain and inspire you.

Christmas Ivy wraps you in an amazing visitation of Ivy’s grandparents on Christmas morning and the incredible quilt she always longed to have.

Lainey of the Door Islands is the story of a young girl growing up in the lighthouses around Door County, WI in the late 1800’s. Faced with tragedy and hardship and filled with spunk and grace, Lainey becomes a shining light to all those around her.

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  1. This book sounds very intriguing and the cover is also intriguing . Thank you so much for sharing about this great sounding book and it’s author. ❤


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