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TBT Book Spotlight: Cindy’s Perfect Dance

Happy Thursday, Friends!

Today’s Throwback Thursday book spotlight features Cindy’s Perfect Dance. Book 2 in Bonnie Engstrom’s The Candy Cane Girls series. It takes us all the way back to 2016.

About the Book

Cindy caught the bridal bouquet, and Rob caught the blue garter. Neither of them believed in fate or tradition. But something happened when she stepped on his toes dancing.

When Rob agreed to help his brother by working in the Love In Bloom Floral Shop while Braydon was on his honeymoon, he asked Cindy to join him. He didn’t know what to expect. Would she take over with her promotional ideas and anger his mother, the owner? Would their relationship flower? Could Cindy accept Rob’s secrets? How would that change her love for him? And what about Emily, the woman who claimed Rob loved her?

Cindy has decisions to make. She is supposed to receive her unique engagement ring on Valentine’s Day. Should she accept it, or say no to Rob because of the secrets he recently shared? If she accepts, they will have a lifelong commitment. Is she strong enough to go through with the plan, or should she back out and be safe?

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About the Author

Bonnie Engstrom writes stories that make you Laugh a little, love a lot and believe.

She is a multi-published author and former newspaper columnist. She and her psychologist husband, “Shrinky Dave,” live in Arizona near four of their six grandchildren. The other two live and surf on the beach in Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

She tries to live her life by the Bible verse:

Hebrews 10:24 –Think of ways to encourage one another to outbursts of love and good deeds.

Bonnie’s romance novels and novellas are light-hearted and all end with a HEA. Her Candy Cane Girls Series, set in Newport Beach, California, follows seven young women and explores the challenging social situations they endure in their friendships and love lives.

To visit Bonnie and learn more about her books and her writing journey go to her website where you can sign up for her newsletter that morphs into her Facebook author page where she gives away books and stash.

Bonnie loves to chat with readers in her email Be sure to put BOOKS in the subject line.


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8 thoughts on “TBT Book Spotlight: Cindy’s Perfect Dance”

  1. Bonnie is such a sweet Author, her books all sound like very good reads and her book covers are all so Beautiful! The father of the Bride dances with her.


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