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TBT Book Spotlight + #Giveaway: Winning Amber

Happy Thursday, Friends!

I hope you’re having a good bookish week!

Louise M. Gouge is here to offer a giveaway for her book Winning Amber. If you haven’t read it, be sure to add it to your TBR pile!

About the Book

Winning is all important to him, in the game…and in love.

Single mother Amber works hard to raise her son, Noah, on her wages and tips at a small Colorado diner. With medical bills to pay, they both wear secondhand clothes and do without the modern technology Noah’s classmates have. The last thing Amber ever expected was for Noah’s father to show up and preach at her about his newfound religion, especially since Drew didn’t even know Noah existed. Now will the rich and famous NFL quarterback try to take her son away from her? With no one to defend her, is it time for her to run away…again?

Drew Buxton has always gotten what he wants. Money, girls, a successful career as the NFL’s most popular quarterback, he’s had it all…until a family betrayal and tragedy caused him to rethink his entire life and turn to God. Now he seeks to make amends to the people he’s harmed on his road to success, including the high school classmate who tutored him through his toughest classes. He doesn’t expect her to welcome his visit, nor does he expect the shock of learning he has a son. This changes everything. Now there isn’t anything he won’t do to improve his son’s life, no matter how much Amber resists.

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About the Author

Florida author Louise M. Gouge writes contemporary and historical romance fiction, winning the prestigious IRCA for Hannah Rose (2005) and placing as a finalist four times, and placing the 2012 Laurel Wreath contest. A former college English and humanities professor, Louise is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Christian PEN. She is the author of twenty-five traditionally published novels.

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5 thoughts on “TBT Book Spotlight + #Giveaway: Winning Amber”

  1. This book sounds intriguing and like a must read! Thank you so much for sharing about it, I really love the sound of it, I really like the title also. Have a Great day and stay safe. God Bless you all.


  2. My reaction when I read the blurb was like “Wow! What muddle they have to work through.” Amber must feel vulnerable, at risk of losing her son while Drew must feel misunderstood since he is a changed man. Great storyline!


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