Review: Loving a Lady

Happy Monday!

Today I’m sharing a book review on Nichole Van’s Loving a Lady. It’s book three in the Brotherhood of the Black Tartan, a clean historical romance.

About the Book

Ewan Campbell fought to free himself from his past. Quite literally. A former prizefighter, he now earns his living as an artist. But Ewan still fights more figurative opponents—dark memories that threaten to overwhelm him. Worse, when he is hired to assist a famous painter, Ewan finds himself falling for the man’s highborn niece, Lady Kildrum. Such feelings are pointless. Countesses do not fall in love with impoverished Highlanders, no matter what fairy tales say.

Violet Kerr, Lady Kildrum, struggles to make decisions. She is a countess in her own right, for heaven’s sake. Decision-making skills should flow through her blood. After all, her life’s path is clear—marry a nobleman, provide for her sisters, and see to the welfare of her tenants.

Though Violet has made one decision—

She must curb her attraction to Ewan Campbell, her uncle’s new art assistant. The lowly Highlander, no matter how alluring, is not a proper suitor for a countess. She definitely should not fantasize about the man.

Or, if she does, she should not allow such fantasies to lead to very real kissing. Because kissing could bring on the most difficult decision of all—

What happens if Violet chooses to fall in love with the one man she can never have?

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My Thoughts

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I’ve been enjoying The Brotherhood of the Black Tartan series by Ms. Van. Suffering the Scot (book 1) was my first read of hers. But as much as I loved books 1 and 2, they have nothing on Loving a Lady.

Ewan is a perfectly swoony hero. From the prologue where we’re first introduced to him, until the epilogue, I was a huge fan of his. I don’t want to say a lot because I don’t like spoilers (and you may not either) but suffice to say a gentle giant is such a gross understatement of who he is. There were scenes with him where I had to blink fast to prevent any waterworks. And the way he supports Violet gave me all the feels.

I loved that Violet wasn’t your average heroine. That she broke the mold but did it with a kindness and love that endeared me to her. I would definitely pick her to be friends with.

Because of the depth of characterization, the emotion between these two gave me all the feels: heartwarming sighs, tear inducing blinks, and oh so, swoony grins.

I cannot wait to read book 4.

*I read this on Kindle Unlimited. My review was not required nor influenced.

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