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Takeover Tuesday with Denise Walker

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Today we have the awesome Denise Walker for Takeover Tuesday. Be sure to get comfortable and chat with her!

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Many young people across the globe have experienced some form of trauma. When one experiences trauma, they are often paralyzed, not physical paralysis, but they are kept from moving forward in one way or another.  Although many adults may be able to identify and get help for their source of pain and deal with it accordingly, many young people don’t know how to deal with what they have experienced.

This is the focus of my second book of the “My True Identity” Teen Series. The title of the book is Hannah’s Heart. In this novel, Hannah Monroe is trying to move forward after experiencing trauma. As a 7th grader, Hannah only wants to be normal and enjoy the years of her youth. However, as more chaos breaks out around her, there is a slim chance of that happening any time soon.

My second novel dives into areas that many won’t address. In order for our teens to heal in a healthy way (of course with God at the center), we must help them recognize their pain and help them through it. We, as the adults in Hannah’s Heart, must help our youth to heal. We must help them understand that the trauma is what may have occurred in their lives, yet they can heal from it all with the help of God, the creator. Not only that, God has given us a charge to cover them in prayer and keep them protected from individuals who may cause them pain.

Protecting our youth is vitally important. Otherwise, they may choose years of self-destructive behaviors such as alcoholism, drug abuse and more. They may also begin to blame God or put Him in the place of the one who caused the trauma in their lives. In Mark 10:16, Jesus said, “Permit the children to come to Me; do not hinder them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” This scripture stands out to me because I believe Jesus is saying that some things could hinder children (the innocent ones) from coming to him, coming to know Him in a greater way. One of the things that may hinder children from coming (drawing closer to Jesus) is trauma. This may cause them to question God and live for years angry with Him.

Let us take our post and war for our youth, for they are the future!

Grab a copy of Hannah’s Heart today from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million and more.

About the Author

Denise M. Walker is a pastor, wife, mother, minister, podcaster, experienced educator and entrepreneur. Denise has educated youth for over 18 years and served in the field of education for 22 years. Most of her career has been serving middle school youth. She is the founder of Hope-in-Christ Ministries, Inc. and the owner of Armor of Hope Writing & Publishing Services, LLC. In addition,       Denise M. Walker is the creator and facilitator of the Hope-in-Christ Book Club Facebook group, the host of the Book Review Radio Show, Hope-in-Christ w/Denise and Building Literacy & True Identity podcasts. Her ministry’s mission is to lead others to the truth of Christ, build literacy, and assist individuals in walking in their true identity in Him.

Denise has written several blogs on the Hope-in-Christ Ministries platform. She has pinned three books, Re-Presenting God, a youth journal on the deity of Christ; Hannah’s Hope, a teen novel about overcoming abuse and The S.C.R.I.P.T. journal for aspiring Christian writers. She has also co-authored several anthologies. Denise is currently working on her second novel, Hannah’s Barren Womb, a Bible study journal, Is This English Class or Bible Study and another journal for women and girls. Denise also has a passion for designing her own curriculum in order to build reading comprehension and grammar skills in others.

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About the Book

Hannah Monroe desires peace at any cost. With family drama, trying to overcome her past and the school conflict, she is headed down a dark path to destruction. Hannah will do anything in her power to keep her mind off of the turmoil she feels inside. Her saving grace arrives in the form of a new student, Devon Moore, or so she believes. Before it’s too late, who will step in to guide Hannah back to the path of purpose, healing, and wholeness?

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