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Takeover Tuesday with Rhonda McKnight

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

I’m excited for today’s guest blogger. Rhonda McKnight has some really great reads so make sure you grab that cup of tea (or coffee) and chat with her!

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In December, I celebrated my 10-year publishing anniversary of my 15th book. I have over a thousand reviews, most are positive, but with every book I release, with each review that’s posted, I struggle with my fear, fear that I won’t author a story that’s as good or better. I suffer from atychiphobia. I’m not afraid of bugs or reptiles. Atychiphobia is a technical term for the fear of failure. It runs rampant in the literary community, and it hangs out next to me all the time.

But I’m a Kingdom Girl. I push through my fear. I’ve been mulling over a few ideas–really, trying to home in on one the story that would wow my readers. I’ve been re-reading craft books and skimming blogs about writing as I wait for heaven to open so I can hear, “The next story is…”

This past Saturday, I delivered a keynote speech at an online conference. The message was one I’ve given a few times. When I pulled out my notes, I realized my words were for me. The speech is about my publishing journey–from age six until thirty-six years later when I received “the call” from the editor who acquired my first novel. I realized I’m not waiting for God. He gave me a message about my writing years ago when I was wrestling with whether to write secular fiction or Christian fiction. The Lord spoke to me and said, “You can write whatever you want, but I’ll bless you more if you write for me.”

Jesus is not a micromanager. The Lord gives us gifts and assignments and sends us on our way to get stuff done. HIS expectation is that we not bury our talent, and we remember He has called us to spread the Good News. Everything else in life from ministry to child-rearing revolves around those two charges. The details of how only require that we exercise excellence in getting it done. God said he would bless me, therefore. I will not fail.

My birthday is this week. My book Almost There is free until February 8th! See more about it below.

About the Author

Rhonda McKnight has written 15 Christian novels and several non-fiction titles, 5 Minutes with Jesus and Beloved Daughter. She is the winner of the 2015 Emma Award for Inspirational Romance of the Year. She was also a 2011 nominee for the African American Literary Award. She writes from the comfort of her Atlanta home with black tea, potato chips and chocolate on hand. At her feet sits a snappy mixed breed toy dog.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | BookBub


About the Book

Three people at the brink of achieving all they’ve dreamed of since childhood…will the past get in their way?

Zannia Morrow is blazing a path to stardom as supermodel, Zane. Her million dollar face and body have landed her the most coveted modeling contract in the business, but Zannia has a problem. It’s one that money and success can’t fix.

Bonita Jones ran away from home at 16 and now she’s Benxi, a hot new R&B singer with the right voice and look to take her right up the charts. Her future is bright, but she’s done some things she’ll do anything to keep the world from knowing, even if includes sacrificing the success that’s right within her reach.

Mekhi Johnson’s had success as a music producer. He’s got the talent, connections, and drive to take him all the way to the top. He just needs the right artist to make it happen. Will he be able to sign Benxi, or will an old enemy stand between him and his next level?

Warning: The story includes a painful memory of sexual abuse and violence. 

Amazon | Goodreads

Meet the Characters

Bonita “Benxi” Jones

My life before I became Benxi was coming back to me in a flood of memories as I was lying in the bed in my childhood room. The bed felt like a coffin.  No matter how hard I tried to get comfortable, I couldn’t. The room brought back too many bad memories. Memories of things I’d never told anyone.

Mekhi Johnson

I learned early on, if you wanted to rise above your family and friends, you likely had to leave them behind. They could only fly as high as the wings on their mind would let them. My people had clipped wings, taped wings, and no wings. I wasn’t going to let anyone stop me from getting my thing done.


Men wanted to be with me.  But not Mekhi. And I knew the reason. It was the same reason I hadn’t told him I loved him before that day. He was in love with someone else. He always had been. I’d never fully had his attention. Unfortunately, my silence hadn’t stopped him from seeping into my soul.

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