Best of the Decade

Happy Thursday!

Today I wanted to share my top books of the decade. It was difficult considering I couldn’t remember that far back (thank goodness for Goodreads), but I did it. I even managed to only pick one book for each year. Shocker right?

Be sure to tell me what books you’d pick for the past decade.

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Y’all Roseanna M. White is a fantastic writer and The Number of Love quickly earned it’s way on my favorite list. And after reflecting (and scanning my Goodreads challenge) on all the books I read this year, stays as number 18 (you’ll get it if you’ve read it) in my heart.


Wow, wow, wow! I cannot believe the twists and turns in this book. I devoured it and wondered why I waited so long to read it. Now I’m impatiently waiting on book 3 and telling everyone to put this on their TBR list.


I honestly can’t believe it’s been 2 years since TSLOSH released. It was epic. Hilarious. And a must read. I didn’t even have to think about what book I’d pick for this year. TSLOSH hands down!


Is there any surprise that this is my 2016 pick? Charlie Lionheart quickly earned his way on many a book readers’ book boyfriends list. I even saw a few verbal squabbles on Facebook on who claimed him first. Regardless of who he belongs to, Charlie definitely is one of the best heroes out there.


Luka!!!! I seriously cannot gush about this book (or series) enough. Seriously! I binged them, may have even politely stalked K.E. Ganshert asking when the next book would drop and then reread them because they’re just that good. If you’ve never taken a chance on fantasy, please let this book be your introduction. You will NOT be sorry!


This was a hard year. When I looked back, there were so many good reads that year. But y’all, this one gave me all the feels. From the food, the characters, the romance, I was hooked and quickly became a Hillary Manton Lodge fan for life.


All. The. Feels! This book had me grinning, crying, and wincing at certain moments. My emotions went through the ringer with this book. It’s still one of my favorites to reread because…all the feels! Seriously, if you’ve never read this book you’re missing out. Go get it. That is all. 😉


If you’ve followed me on social media for any length of time, you will have seen me talk about this book. How can I not? It’s my absolute favorite contemporary romance and favorite book of Becky Wade’s. Seriously, this book made me her fan for life and will be the reason I will absolute fangirl if I ever have the pleasure of meeting her in person. I cannot tell people enough how fantastic this book is and will make sure everyone reads it and know that Matt Jareau is the best. Oh and the recent cover makeover hits me right in the heart. Get it!


As I looked back over this decade, I realize most of my obsessions with these books was because of the hero. To Win Her Heart is no different. I tell you, Levi has to be the most gentle “giant” ever! I adore the way he interacted with Eden and loved watching their story unfold. So swoonworthy!


It took me forever to find a book for 2010. Do you know how many authors I had to guess were writing then? Exhausting! Thankfully I found one and remembered I enjoyed this book. It’s no surprise considering her fame today and books being turned into Hallmark movies. Ms. Hunter definitely influenced my reading over the decade.


Last but not least, Beverly Jenkins. I’m pretty sure she was my first African American CF read. I was so excited to find the Blessing series and just loved the premise (psst, there’s another one releasing soon!). This series fueled my love for CF and diverse books. If you’ve never read them, check them out!

6 thoughts on “Best of the Decade”

  1. What a great list! I had a hard enough time picking the best for the year, let alone the decade, LOL! I think I’ve read 6 of these. And the Gifting Series may be the only series I’ve binge read, clicking buy at the end of the ebook each time! I really should re-read it.

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  2. I’m not even going to try to pick the best of the decade, at least not officially on my blog… Though if pressed, I would say it’s probably Long Way Gone by Charles Martin. When it’s a favorite of all my friends who read wildly different genres than me AND my teenage son who hardly reads at all, you know it’s a good one.

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