Review: The Sweetest Thing

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend! I spent the time reading until I didn’t want to read anymore. Which just means I fell asleep. 😉

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on Bria Quinlan’s The Sweetest Things. This sweet, clean romance is one you don’t want to miss!

About the Book

Starlight Harbor’s Sweetheart has had enough…

Lyra Grigor is the easy going, sweet, smile-at-everyone owner of The Sweetest Things.  When an annoying travel site puts Starlight Harbor on their Top Ten Tacky Tiny Towns list for the fourth year running, she knows it’s time to give the writer a bit of spicy tart instead of a teaspoon of sugar.

An outsider who just wants out…

Spence Côte has no idea what hit his site. Nearly a thousand replies on some little baker’s comment and everything has blown up. Since the site is up for sale, it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Now he has to drive up to the middle of nowhere coast of Maine and get this resolved. ASAP.

Two worlds collide…

Between the puppies dressed as pirates, the old women masquerading as tavern wenches, and the sweetest little baker he’s ever seen, Spence knows Starlight Harbor might not just be freakishly adorable….it might be what he’d been looking for.

WARNING: The Starlight Harbor series a collection of quirky fast-fall romances. You may start as enemies, but the novellete series means you’ll end as more…also, you’ll have battle the town lairds (yes, plural), a troublemaking pup, and women who seem to think there’s a 1800s war going on…somewhere.

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My Thoughts

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Bria Quinlan always pulls me into her stories with a quirky cast of characters. The Sweetest Things was no exception.

Starlight Harbor has an amazing mission to help military members who don’t get to celebrate Christmas. I LOVE THIS!!! As an Air Force vet, I would love to visit a town who would allow me to celebrate a holiday I didn’t get to spend with my spouse (also an Air Force vet). But that’s not the only reason I loved this book.

The hero and heroine are great as is the sparks that fly between them. And the secondary cast…y’all, I’m banking on their stories to come soon and with a quickness so I can revisit Starlight Harbor.

All in all, another great read from Ms. Quinlan!

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. This review was not required nor influenced.

About the Author

Quirky Girl & all around lovable klutz, Bria writes Diet-Coke-Snort-Worthy Rom Coms about what it’s like to be a girl and deal with crap and still find love.

Her stories remind you that life is an adventure not to be ignored.

She’s an RWA RITA, RWA Golden Heart, & Cyblis nominee as well as a USA Today Best Seller, & natural blonde rep’d by the Lauren Macleod of the Strothman Agency.

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