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Takeover Tuesday: Aliseea P. Croomer

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It’s All His

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I was sixteen when I wrote my first book, but it wasn’t until later down the road that I learned the gift of writing wasn’t mine, but God’s.

Hello, my name is Aliseea P. Cromer and welcome to my journey of becoming a Christian author.

There was this secular young adults book I read that inspired me to write a story of my own. I fell in love with the way the author wrote her story and the characters that lived within the pages of her book. I wanted to write a story like hers that had relatable characters and a compelling story. So, I grabbed my journal and started creating a story.

I was very passionate about the story I created and was very committed. I spent hours researching, fact-checking and working on my characters. The moment I had everything put together, I was able to start writing my chapters. Every moment I was free I spent on my computer, typing away at the keys and watching as my characters come to life on the pages. Months passed, and I wrote the last chapter, which came to a shocking cliffhanger. I was finally ready to start editing my book, and I was excited! My parents even offered to help me revise the book and give me feedback about my characters. Then one day, after my parents had finished reading through my writing, my mother asked me a question. “Aliseea, have you ever thought about writing a Christian romance fiction book? You have a gift for writing, and I think you should use it for God. I would like you to pray about it.” My first response was to defend the book I wrote and my choice for writing a secular YA book. So, I explained that by writing this book it could open the doors to my career. I could build an audience of Christian and non-Christian readers, and one day I could then write a Christian YA book and possibly lead others to Christ. She understood where I was coming from but still encouraged me to pray about a story to write for God, so I agreed. I also told her I would keep an eye out on looking for publishers that represent YA authors and Christian authors.

While what I said about wanting to be a secular YA author was true, that wasn’t the only reason I didn’t want to write a Christian book. For starters, I had no idea how to write a Christian book nor did I know where to start. Secondly, I was thrilled with the book I had written and wanted to get it published. I didn’t want to have to wait another year or two to get back to the place I was already at with my current book–publication.

After a year of revising and editing, the book I wrote was complete, and I was ready to look for a publisher. A friend of my fathers recommended that I look at publishers that work for my genre (which was young adults) by looking through the Writers Market book, and I kept my promise to my mother as I looked at the publishers, and the genres they accept.

During my process of looking for a publisher, there was this story that kept tugging at my heart. It was one that was similar to my own. I couldn’t help but wonder if God was asking me Himself to write it and to write for Him. But, I was so focused on looking for a publisher and being published that I brushed off the story God was asking me to write and stayed focused on my book. Yet, the more I looked for a publisher, the heavier the story weighed on my heart. I wondered if I was making a mistake by putting my own desires before the ones God has for me. So, I asked myself a simple question: Do I want to be known as a secular YA author, or a Christian YA author?

The answer was as simple as the question asked. So, I stopped my search for a publisher and started writing the story that God asked me to write.

This journey taught me that my gifts and talents are not my own; they are God’s. Since they are God’s, I need to use them for His glory, His desire and His purpose above my own. So, I handed my writing over to God and responded to His calling by writing the story He pressed on my heart for months. “It is His,” I repeat over and over in my head every time I write. He is the author of this story, and I am merely His pen.

The gifts and talents we have are something that God gave us. Rather than using these gifts and talents for ourselves, we need to give them back to God and ask Him to use them for His glory. Whatever your gifts and talents may be let today be the day you relinquish them to God. It is all His.

His writer,
Aliseea P. Cromer

“To the LORD your God belong the heavens, even the highest heavens, the earth and everything in it.” –Deuteronomy 10:14

About the Author

Aliseea P. Cromer is a youth leader, teacher’s aide, aspiring author, and a firm believer in Christ. She was born and raised in a Christian home and came to know Jesus when she was four.

Her writing journey started when she was a young teen when Aliseea through some hardships and struggled a lot with body image and friendships. It was through writing that Aliseea was able to express her feelings. It was between writing and leaning on God that helped her through those battles and she came out victorious in Him!

It wasn’t until 2016 that Aliseea truly started to pursue her dream as an author. One of the first books she’s ever written, but never published, was a sci-fi/teen fiction genre about a young girl who was different than anyone else. It was during the time she was looking to get her book published that the wise words of her mother and the conviction of the Holy Spirit that Aliseea should be using this gift to honor God through her books. After a year of seeking God’s direction, Aliseea wrote the story that has been on her heart and is now praying for guidance as she looks for an agent to represent her. In the meantime, Aliseea continues to write, whether it’s on her blog or in her journal with the goal to honor and praise God and point others back to Him.

When Aliseea isn’t writing, she is working full time as a teacher’s aide, a youth leader and a worship leader in her church’s youth group. She also spends her evenings with her family and her little puppy, Gracee.

Above all else, Aliseea prays that her writing will be used to encourage others around the globe and direct others back to God.

Aliseea is also a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers).

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