Review: After the Rain

Happy Tuesday, Reader Friends!

I’m excited to bring you another review. This time I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Brandy Bruce’s After the Rain. It came out last week and of course I read it in one sitting. I had to, Debra’s story has been in my mind since The Last Summer. Read on to learn more and let me know if you’ve read this great book in the comments!

About the Book

Debra Hart is moving on. Maybe. Hopefully. One day.

As a radio show host, Debra spends her mornings as Miss Lonely Heart on air, empathizing with all the broken hearts in the Denver metro area. She spends her evenings watching old musicals and trying not to think about the guy who broke up with her and subsequently fell in love with one of her best friends. Alone in a new city, Debra questions where she belongs and who she is now.

When she stumbles into the indie music scene, Debra meets singer Ben Price. Rock star appeal, with a day job as a worship pastor, Ben is everything Debra wants to avoid. But he’s determined to be her friend, and it so happens she could really use one. Because try as she might, nothing seems to erase the anger and betrayal she feels.

It’s time for a new dream. But how does she start over when she doesn’t even know what she wants anymore?

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My Thoughts

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There’s a quote on the cover of this book that says about how Debra’s story will remain with you long after you’ve turned the last page. And y’all, it’s so true. But I find that happens to me after every Brandy Bruce novel I’ve read. The characters linger in your mind. They become real to me even though I know this is a work of fiction. They call me back to reread their story and learn new truths. After the Rain is a must read for those reasons alone.

But that’s not all.

Debra experienced a heartache that rocked her world. She’s searching for herself. Who she knew herself to be and who she became after heartache. It’s a tale we can all empathize with. Who hasn’t been marred/changed in some way by heartache. Doing life is messy. It’s not perfect. People aren’t perfect. But love is what we’re called to do and it takes bravery.

That’s what I saw in this novel, a call to love and be brave. A reminder that after the rain comes rainbows. It’s not always sunshine but there can be beauty in the storm and the thereafter. Ms. Bruce’s writing weaved its way into my heart and led me to contemplate the wonders of love.

I loved this book and I full expected too because The Last Summer wrecked me in a good way. I can’t wait to see what Ms. Bruce writes next.

So tell me, what did you think? How did you feel after reading Debra’s story?

*P.S. I highly recommend you read The Last Summer first but Debra’s story can be read on its own.

About the Author

Brandy Bruce is a writer, a book editor, a mom, a wife, and someone who really loves dessert! She’s the author of the award-winning novel The Last Summer, Looks Like Love, After the Rain, and The Romano Family Collection. Brandy, her husband, and their children make their home in Virginia.

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3 thoughts on “Review: After the Rain”

  1. Hallo, Hallo Toni,

    I’m on the blog tour for “After the Rain” and I agree with you – once I completed reading “The Last Summer” I couldn’t wait to dive back into this series — I truly admire the writing style of Brandy Bruce as she fast became one of my newest favourite authors for Realistic Contemporary INSPY Lit!! My list is short for those authors who are penning these kinds of stories and like you, I loved how real the characters feel and how authentically their lives are written!

    If you’d like to see what I’ve said about the story and see if we agree on some of my takeaways, kindly visit me and let me know in my comments! 🙂

    Wicked happy I’ve found another reader and book blogger who loves her stories!!


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