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Takeover Tuesday: Tom Donnan

Happy Tuesday, Reader Friends!

We have the pleasure of having Tom Donnan on the blog today. Grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and chat with him as he goes behind the scenes of his novel, One Door Between Us. 

“Behind the Scenes Story”

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Expectations and assumptions flew out the door as I sat down and had coffee with three lady pastors. I had come to Oklahoma City to minister with Pastor Phillip Corbett. He has a revival/healing ministry and the ladies were our hosting pastors. In the course of friendly chit chat I heard tidbits of God’s supernatural activities in their lives, families and ministries. As I sat with very strong coffee, I asked questions and they responded with over the top God stories. I loved it! I had just finished my test fiction booklet based on a true story and now, sitting with me are the subjects of my next book.

I had in mind a single book telling their stories, intertwining how Phil and I came into their lives and what God’s actions happened as a result. I know, in our culture people are looking for a manifest God who still does miracles. I began in July of 2017 focusing on the senior pastor. We had friendly phone interviews and soon a problem developed, she is a very humble person. That meant I had to pull information out of her. The flow in the creation of the new book was: phone interview, write three chapters, send it for review, edit content as requested and then repeat.

In January 2018; I was extreme panic mode! I was at the fifty thousand word mark and nowhere near being finished. The story was so good, wonderfully filled with God’s blessings, I was not close to being done with her story let alone the others. Productions cost would be beyond what I hoped to pay. Pacing in my townhome, talking with God with all my concerns, I remembered.

Each year I like to go on a personal pilgrimage to Moravian Falls, NC. There is hidden place called; Pray Mountain. A group of Moravians had traveled to the new world, bought this piece of property and deeded it to Jesus Christ. Then, each day they prayed on the mountain. To this day it is an angelic hotspot. I have met fifteen people, over the years, who have encountered angels there. One day, while spending time on the mountain, a young Korean women arrived. We talked and I was told she was the interpreter for a group of Korean Pastors who traveled halfway around the world to be on location for a conference. As we were leaving, moving towards our cars, she stopped, looked at me with a blank expression and said: “You are going to write a series of books.” It was May 2017. My panic subsided as trust built up in my heart. Putting the pieces together I saw that God already knew I was going panic and sent me a message seven months before I needed it. One Door Between Us is a Love Story and inspirational journey. The main character is; “Arielle.” She will open one door to love and another to God’s destiny in her calling.

About the Author

Tom Donnan’s life is never boring. In the hands of God he never knows what will be next. His life ended on February 6th 2006 as the result of the widow maker heart attack. In that instant, in the spiritual realm, God spoke to Tom. He said: “It is only while you are on earth that you can work for Jesus.” He was unaware of the frantic activities by the paramedics who were feverishly working to save his life. One of them shouted; “Clear” as the defibrillator came to life administering a powerful shock that restarted Tom’s heart. Often, as he speaks before a group he will say to them: “I wasn’t a keeper, God threw me back.” Tom loves doing the work for Jesus and pursues it with a passion.

Tom has three children and five grandchildren. Now that they are grown the world is open to explore. The doors to adventure never stop as God provides away to keep working for the Lord. With a second chance in life, his goal is to reach people with the saving knowledge of God and to release the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. Tom has now written five books. His first three books: Healing the Nation, Spiritual House Cleaning and Pastors and the presence of God are aimed to help people come into a supernatural relationship with their Father God. Writing fiction, inspired by true stories, is a way to reach readers who enjoy stories. 7:14 Angels on Assignment is about a pastor who was serious ill and going to die if God didn’t intervene. One Door Between Us came to life after Tom met three incredible lady pastors. This is the first book in a small series.

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About the Book

It was the third time in one week; someone was knocking on the front door. They were polite and invited them in not knowing their lives would never be the same. They enjoyed a good life. However, this family’s life is about to get better as heaven invades. Looming in the near future is a traumatic event they would never recover from, except God changed the course of their destinies. Ignorant to the ways of God, we watch as they grow in their spiritual life, from new born babes to strong mature Christians. The world around them saw God in motion as the readers get a look behind the spiritual veil into the activities surrounding them.

Arielle is an inquisitive girl who always wants to discover the clues that leads her to the truth. Her thirst for knowledge is a life long journey and she achieves her lofty goals. The supernatural activities of God became a common occurrence; it was normal for her to experience it. She witnessed the manifest presence of God and her love for Him is on display. Paramount will be her decision to open two doors into her life. One will be to a deep romantic, fulfilling love and the other she will answer God’s call upon her life.

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Right on time, three sharp knocks sounded on the door. Lance was standing in the hallway. Taking on last, quick look in the mirror, she reached for the doorknob. Two lives were separated only by one wooden door.

She was ready to say her first words, and they were poised on the tip of her tongue. Ari had planned to play it cool until she saw which way the evening would go. Turning the doorknob and swinging the door open wide, she saw lance for the first time. All her preparations flew out the window! Just when she thought she had it all planned out and would be in control, the sight of him took her breath away.

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