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Read-A-Thon Challenge and Giveaway!

Happy Monday, Reader Friends!

I hope you had a great weekend. I’ve been praying for you reader friends who are in the path of Florence. Hopefully you are safe.

Today I’ve got a fun challenge for you and an opportunity to win an eBook! I’m taking part of Wishful Ending’s Read-A-Thon. It’s a great way to tackle your TBR pile and lighten the stack. 🙂 To learn more, hop on over to Tressa’s blog to sign up and participate.

The Challenge

Today’s Read-a-thon challenge is the Random Page Challenge!! (Cue dramatic music). Open the book you’re currently reading, flip to a random page, and share a quote from that page!

I’ll go first. My first book for the read-a-thon challenge is Marrying Mandy by Melanie D. Snitker. My quote is from the first page of chapter 5 (eReader has no pages).

“In one week, he’d be losing two-thirds of his income.”

Your turn! Leave your quote in the comments and don’t forget the page, book, and author!

The Giveaway

I’ll be giving away an eBook copy of my Freedom Lake series. That means one lucky winner will get an eBook copy of Returning Home, Grace Restored, and Finally Accepted. To enter, use the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

22 thoughts on “Read-A-Thon Challenge and Giveaway!”

  1. Random page from Jocelyn Green’s historical, A Refuge Assured: He settled his hat into place, lips pressed tight as if there were more he might say, but wouldn’t. Then he left, releasing a flock of hopes and fears inside her.


  2. “The sensation of being watched suddenly raked over her.”

    Page 191 of The Cost of Betrayal by Dee Henderson, Dani Pettrey, and Lynette Eason (quote is from Deadly Isle by Dani Pettrey)

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  3. I’m reading on a Kindle so I just randomly put my finger on the location bar. It’s the last sentence of Chapter 23 of Ring on Her Finger by Lisa Swinton. “Okay, Mandy, but just so you know, no matter what we’re doing or what we’re talking about, I’m going to be thinking about kissing you.” (cue the swooning)


  4. Page 57 of Christmas with the Cowboy by Tina Radcliffe:
    “One of the random sayings from SEAL training ran through his head and he realized he better hold the words close, because yeah, it was time to get comfortable being uncomfortable.”


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