Friday’s Sales, Releases, & Giveaways – 6/8/18

Happy Friday, Reader Friends!

It’s my birthday and I’m feeling particularly giddy so you may see some familiar titles in the sales section. And of course the rest of the listings come from my great author friends.

Happy Reading!

*Please check the price before purchasing!





New Releases


Upcoming Releases

Coming June 11th!
Coming June 12th!
Coming June 19th!
Coming June 28th!
Coming June 29th!
Coming July 3rd!
Coming July 10th!
Coming July 17th!
Coming July 25th!
Coming July 31st!
Coming August 6th!


Blog Giveaway
Blog Giveaway
Blog Giveaway (Clean read genre)
Blog Giveaway (Clean read genre)
Goodreads Giveaway
Goodreads Giveaway

Facebook Parties

June 8th at 8pm!

14 thoughts on “Friday’s Sales, Releases, & Giveaways – 6/8/18”

  1. Happy birthday, Toni! I pray it is a wonderfully blessed day!
    Thanks so much for doing these posts. I don’t always get to them. However, I do appreciate the time and effort you put into making them available for all of us rabid readers!

    Liked by 1 person

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