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Takeover Tuesday: Linda Shenton Matchett

Happy Tuesday, Reader Friends!

Thanks for joining me for another Takeover Tuesday! Today we have Linda Shenton Matchett visiting. She’ll be talking about how “God is All About Second Chances”Grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and chat with her!

Here in the Northeast, spring has been a long time coming. Snow accumulation for March outpaced that of the previous four months of winter, and even though we’re in April, the temperatures continue to tap dance between freezing and delightful. But eventually the weather will warm up, and winter will be a distant memory.

To me, spring is a “do-over.” The tiny shoots emerging from the ground and the buds popping out on the tree branches essentially exemplify the concept of “second chances.” I love that God uses His creation to show us object lessons, don’t you? As someone who has made mistakes and poor choices over the years, I appreciate how God gives us multiple “second chances” and, I love to share that message with others.

A Love Not Forgotten is a story that explores the lives of two people who wonder if they will get a second chance at love. Set during WWII, at a time when life was filled with uncertainties, each character suffers the loss of a loved one and struggle to trust God’s sovereignty in the situation.

I don’t know about you, but I often take things into my own hands to try to make them work out. I run ahead of God and ask for His blessing on what I’m doing, instead of following His plan for my life. He has our best interests at heart, and He wants us to be happy. But sometimes our vision of what we think makes us happy is different than His vision.

Almost twenty-five years ago, my husband and I separated. I had just finished my Masters’ degree on top of working excessive hours. Because I was rarely home during the two-year period it took me to graduate, we grew apart. Now that I had a shiny, new advanced degree, I thought I wanted bigger and better things.

Thankfully, my husband is a wise man. He agreed to the separation on the condition that we attend counseling together. He knew it was important to work on our marriage…to give it a second chance. I was skeptical, but agreed to his terms. Nearly one year later we reunited, and not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for that “do-over.”

Are you experiencing difficulties or loss because of something you did or said? God wants to help you, to give you a second chance. All you have to do is ask.

About the Author

Linda Shenton Matchett is an author, journalist, and history geek. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, she was born a stone’s throw from Fort McHenry and has lived in historic places most of her life. A member of ACFW, RWA, and Sisters in Crime, Linda is a volunteer docent at the Wright Museum of WWII and a trustee for her local public library.

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About the Book

A Love Not Forgotten (part of the Let Love Spring collection):

The Blurb: “Allison White should be thrilled about her upcoming wedding. The problem? She’s still in love with her fiancé, Chaz, who was declared dead after being shot down over Germany in 1944. Can she put the past behind her and settle down to married life with the kindhearted man who loves her?

It’s been two years since Charles “Chaz” Powell was shot down over enemy territory. The war is officially over, but not for him. He has amnesia as a result of injuries sustained in the crash, and the only clue to his identity is a love letter with no return address. Will he ever regain his memories and discover who he is, or will he have to forge a new life with no connections to the past?”

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5 thoughts on “Takeover Tuesday: Linda Shenton Matchett”

  1. Love this interview, Toni and Linda! I also love that “God uses His creation to show us object lessons”, and especially love spring – the time of new growth and renewal!

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  2. wow, what a wonderful post. thank you for sharing. Linda I am so glad to hear that you agreed with your husband on counseling. Marriage is a lovely gift from God.

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