Giveaway + Author Interview: Meghan Gorecki

Happy Monday, Reader Friends!

I’ve got Meghan Gorecki on the blog today. I think you’re really going to enjoy her interview. Plus, she’s offered an eBook giveaway (details below). Grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and chat with us!

About the Book

The Blurb: “The War Between the States shakes Margaret Bryant out of her comfortable upper-class life when her father enlists in the Army of the Potomac. Despite being safely ensconced above the Mason-Dixon Line in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Margaret finds her strength tested by opposition from familiar faces and Confederate threats. Will she let a young man from a lesser station into her heart even as war rages ever nearer to the homefront?
Restless Connor Doyle sees the war as a way to escape from his family’s farm and his identity as a poor Irishman’s son. His brother, Adam, torn between duty to country and his family, enlists alongside Connor. Adam dares to hope in a future with Margaret when he begins a courtship correspondence from the war front. The two brothers make a vow to protect one another at all costs, but when faced with death and destruction from all sides—will they be able to uphold it?

The three bloodiest days in America’s history brings these three together at Gettysburg and tragedy’s cruelty threatens to tear two hearts apart—and bring two unlikely allies together.”

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Toni: Welcome, Meghan! Thank you for joining me today. I know the readers are excited to learn more about your latest release, but first let’s learn more about you. Are you a…
Morning or night person?

Meghan: Morning, as soon as my feet touch the floor at least. It’s a struggle getting out of bed, but once I’m out I’m awake and eager to be productive only after…(see below)

Toni: Coffee or tea drinkers?

Meghan: Coffee!!

Toni: Lol. I think most people are more productive after coffee. Cat or dog lover?

Meghan: Cat!

Toni: Flowers or plants connoisseur?

Meghan: I have somewhat of a black thumb, so the only flowers I enjoy and attempt to keep alive come from the supermarket.

Toni: I hear you! Summer or winter fan?

Meghan: Winter—I hate sweating.

Toni: Lol. Ladies should never sweat. 😉 When you sit down to write, how does your writing process go?

Meghan: Slow. Very slow. LOL 🙂 I do try and have a plot, beginning to end, but I do plot and plan as I write it, adhering to a rough timeline. And the characters often take their time revealing themselves. Sitting down to write means small-ish chunks of time as opposed to long stretches, so I have to start and stop scenes at random places which can sometimes mess with my brain—and other times bring about better scenes than I’d planned.

Toni: Writing is always a surprise, huh? Tell us what makes Margaret Bryant a special heroine? What would be her life verse?

Meghan: What makes Margaret special is how much she cares, deep down beneath her control-freak pride, that is. She doesn’t often show it, nor how much she desires someone to care for her, but that is her heart. Her life verse would be—well, more accurately, should be—“Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.”

Toni: Psalm 37:4! I love that one. What is the main lesson Connor Doyle must learn?

Meghan: Gratefulness and humility. And that home, and family, are meant to be empowering roots, not shackles to be freed from.

Toni: Love that. If Amongst the Roses was turned into a movie, who would play the leads?

Meghan: Ideally, Jared Padalecki for Connor, and Leighton Meester for Margaret.

Toni: In case y’all didn’t know, Jared played Dean in Gilmore Girls. 🙂 Last but not least, how could the readers help you on your writing journey?

Meghan: Connect with me! Share what moved them or encouraged them or resonated with them in the stories. I’d so love to hear.

Toni: Amen! Readers, do you have any questions for Meghan?

About the Author

Meghan M. Gorecki is an author of inspirational fiction about what God can make beautiful from the ashes of history, and hearts. A lover and avid studier of people, times gone by, and fiction, she has been writing since childhood and now houses her books under Northern Belle Publishing. Coffee and red lipstick color her days as a redhead from a box, alongside her treasured tribe of family and friends in her beloved hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Meghan is giving away an eBook copy of Amongst the Roses. Leave a comment by 4/29/18 11:59pm EDT for a chance to win. I will use a random generator to pick a winner on 4/30/18 (be sure to come back and check if you won). To enter leave a blog comment.

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16 thoughts on “Giveaway + Author Interview: Meghan Gorecki”

  1. Hello Meghan and Toni! Thank you for the interview…I found that we are opposites LOL but we share the love of our Lord! Margaret’s story sounds very interesting.
    Have a great week! Blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Margaret, your book sounds interesting. I like historical romance Christian fiction. Enjoyed reading about you in the interview with Toni.


  3. Thanks for the great interview, Meghan & Toni. I always enjoy getting to know more about an author. Christian historical fiction is my favorite genre to read. Amongst the Roses sounds very intriguing! Thanks for a chance to win an ebook copy! ~Alison Boss


  4. Thanks so much for your interview. This book looks so good. I would love to read it. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!


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