Author Interview: Anne Carol

Happy Monday, Reader Friends!

Today I’m chatting with Anne Carol as we discuss book 3 in her Faithfully Yours series. I’m excited to talk about this series and find out more about Anne. Grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and chat with us. By the way, isn’t Never Change’s cover gorgeous?

About the Book

The Blurb: “Two souls becoming one…

The marriage of David and Beth Somers has survived many challenges in its first three years. The London guitarist, still faithfully devoted to his wife, has a new dream which pushes him to remain strong as he recovers from drug and alcohol addiction.

Ready to take on a new adventure, Beth and David discover they still have a lot to learn about marriage. Through many ups and downs, the young couple realizes it takes more than love to make a relationship thrive.

It takes commitment.

When Beth and David are gifted with a new blessing, they feel rewarded for all the heartache and tragedy of the past few years. Life on the road with Vinyl Fog becomes a three-ring circus, with a new set of struggles to face.

Will their marriage survive—and will their souls remain one—even as life changes around them?”

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Toni: Welcome, Anne! Thank you for joining me to talk about your Faithfully Yours series. What made you choose England as one of your settings? Have you been there?

Anne: Strange as it sounds, that decision was made by my eleven-year-old self. When I was a pre-teen my favorite band was English, and I had a monster-sized crush on the bass player. I became dreamy-eyed over him and soon found myself writing a story where a teen girl from California spends the summer in England and falls for a musician before he becomes famous. When I resurrected the story several years ago (from the shoebox under my bed), it never entered my mind to change the location. The guy had to be from England or it just wouldn’t be right!

In 2013, my husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary in London. It was my first time there and served as a research trip, as well as a romantic vacation. I loved it and cannot wait to go back someday!

Toni: England is an awesome place to vacation! Tell me about Beth and one of her insecurities.

Anne: As my series begins (in book one, Never Let Go), Beth is an all-American girl from California: cheerleader, dates a football player, and has an active social life. Initially, she’s not happy about spending a summer in England. But meeting David in London completely disrupts her world and makes her reevaluate what’s important, who she is, and how she wants to spend the rest of her life.

One of her biggest insecurities is trusting people, and it results from something that happens in the first book. After this incident, she’s afraid to give up her heart to someone for fear it will be broken. Beth is also a big worrier and is anxious over making the right decisions for her future.

Toni: Sounds like the makings of an awesome read! Tell me about David and what makes him a good hero.

Anne: What I appreciate about David is that he knows exactly what he wants and is not shy about going after it; whether it’s his dream of a music career or a date with the object of his crush! He possesses great passion for the things he loves, yet has a sensitive spirit. Because of this, he’s respectful toward Beth and the boundaries she’s set for herself. He’s also quite loyal and faithful.

Toni: What made you choose to follow Beth and David’s love story over a series rather than just one book?

Anne: This story has been evolving in my mind for over thirty years. I knew there was no way I could confine it to one book. In fact, it never occurred to me to write just one book, and after the “Twilight” series came out (one couple, four books), I figured “why not?” I couldn’t skimp on Beth and David’s story. Plus, I like the idea of telling their whole story, not just the “meeting and falling in love” part. Yes, this is set in the rock ‘n’ roll world, but any of us who are married can relate to struggles that happen in a marriage relationship. In fact, I’ve tried to focus more on their relationship, with the music world happening around them. I’ve enjoyed writing about the whole journey.

Toni: Love it! Tell us about book 3, Never Change.

Anne: I don’t want to say too much for fear of spoiling the first two books, but basically it’s about healing and restoration after a rough patch in the second book, Never Fall. Never Change picks up right after Never Fall, so the two books can be read seamlessly. My theme for Never Change is developing “oneness” in a marriage.

Toni: Sounds great! Would you choose typewriter or laptop?

Anne: laptop

Toni: Records or CDs?

Anne: CDs

Toni: California or England?

Anne: England

Toni: Rock or pop?

Anne: Rock

Toni: Last but not least, what can readers do to support you on your writing journey?

Anne: Give my books a chance, for one thing! Since I’ve switched genres, I’m seeking an audience of readers who enjoy love stories that are clean, with faith weaved in. Though I’ve previously published in the general market, I’m starting over after revising my first two books. Secondly, words of encouragement go a long way for an author! And if you enjoy the books, please share about them with your reader friends.

Thanks for having me on your blog, Toni!

Toni: My pleasure! Readers, do you have any questions for Anne Carol?

About the Author

Anne Carol grew up reading, writing, and listening to English rock bands, obsessing over one in particular. Continuing her fascination with musicians, she married a bass player, with whom she has two sons, both blessed with the music gene. Besides reading, writing, and music, Anne also loves traveling, visiting with friends, watching Netflix, and daydreaming on Pinterest. A native of Northern California, she occasionally indulges in good red wine and a square of dark chocolate.

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  1. So excited for your books, Anne! I just looked back at some of my old stories (from a binder in the basement, rather than a shoebox under the bed), and it was a fun look back, though there was nothing usable for me there. I’m glad yours stood the test of time and became what they are today!

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