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Takeover Tuesday: Kathy Cretsinger

Happy Tuesday, Reader Friends!

It’s Takeover Tuesday and I have the awesome Kathy Cretsinger visiting today. Kathy is the founder of Mantle Rock Publishing, so if you have questions about publishing, take a look. Take it away, Kathy!

The most wonderful thing in the world is to follow your dream. None of us have the same dreams, but some of us have the dreams that are rooted in our mind, and we can’t seem to let them go. I had such a dream several years ago.
About ten years ago, I started fulfilling my dream of writing. Sure, I’d wanted to write since I could read. My dolls had a lot of stories told to them, and when my children were born they were told even more bolder stories. I was an adult and I had a lot more information to share to my children. I’ve forgotten most of the stories I told my children, but today they remember them.

When I couldn’t get my book published, I decided to fulfill another of my dreams. It’s never too late, so at the age of seventy-one I began my publishing career. Sure I was a little old to some people, but in all reality you’re only as old as you feel. My mind feels twenty-two, but my body doesn’t. Still I can write and manage a publishing company.

In October 2012 Mantle Rock Publishing was born. My first book, Callie’s Mountain was a dream I’d had for several years. My family, my book. I descend from a little know race of people called Melungeon. They were first found in Eastern Tennessee in 1790s. They are neither black or white, but a mixture of African, Spanish, American Indian, and Caucasian. Their skin is beautiful, but they were mistreated by the white man because of their skin color. Still, I knew they had a story. I’ve done my DNA and I do have all the characters except Native American Indian.

About a year after my book published, someone wanted me to publish one for them, and I did. Now we are publishing around fifteen books a year for various authors. We have had two books on Amazon’s Top 100 Best Selling Authors. One in contemporary romance, Irish Encounter, and one in historical romance, A Most Precious Gift. Both of these books reached the #1 spot.

We accept different fiction genres, contemporary romance, historical romance, romantic suspense, cozy mysteries, and fantasy/speculative. We are now accepting manuscripts for 2019. We accept both authors with agents and those without agents. Visit our submissions page at http://mantlerockpublishingllc.com/submissions/.

I am interested at this time to make appointments for podcast interviews and blog interviews. If you are interested in either or both, please contact me at Kathy@mantlerockpublishingllc.com.

About Kathy

Kathy Cretsinger writes under the name of Katt Anderson. She lives in Kentucky with her husband of fifty plus years. They have two grown children, four grandchildren, no cats or dogs, but a few squirrels who live around the walnut trees. When not writing, you’ll find Kathy people watching, reading, enjoying her flower garden, going to activities her grandchildren are involved in, or helping authors with their manuscripts. Kathy also speaks at writer’s conferences. She and her husband, Jerry, are owners of Mantle Rock Publishing LLC. You can visit her at www.mantlerockpublishingllc.com.

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