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Takeover Tuesday: Tammy Trail

Happy Tuesday, Reader Friends!

Today I have Tammy Trail visiting for Takeover Tuesday. Tammy is going to share her favorite reads with us. Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and enjoy!

The furry rodent in Pennsylvania has predicted six more weeks of winter. Should you find yourself content to stay home infront of a cozy fire and a good book, may I offer a couple of suggestions for your reading pleasure?
I am a lover of history, my favorite era being during the American Revolution. I so admire those who have tamed the wild frontier, and their sacrifice to settle this great nation. I have used this historical setting in my own yet- unfinished novel. Two of my favorite authors who make the frontier come to life for me in the pages of their books are Lori Benton, and Laura Frantz.

Lori Benton’s breakout novel, Burning Sky is one of my all-time favorites. It is the story of Willa Obenchain who is abducted by the Mohawk Indian at age 14 and renamed Burning Sky. As a young adult, she returns to her family home to find much has changed in the 12 years that she has lived with the People. She is reunited with her childhood friend Richard Waring, who claims to own her parents land and home. Finding a wounded Scotsman, who she feels obligated to help restore him to health. Neil MacGregor helps her find the way.
Her Mohawk brother, Tames-His-Horse finds her to and encourages her to return to the People. This prompts Burning Sky to examine her life; caught between two worlds. Is she still Burning Sky, or Willa Obenchain? Which life will she choose?

Lori’s most recent book is Many Sparrows, is a tale of love and loss. Against the advice of those who know better, Philip Inglesby is determined to push west with his family. When the axle on their wagon breaks, Philip goes back for help. He leaves his pregnant wife Clare, and their young son Jacob alone to wait. When Clare goes into labor, Jacob wakes and wanders off.

With the help of Jeremiah Ring, a survivor of a great loss of his own, Clare will begin a journey that will change her life and she’ll learn to trust in God again.

Laura Frantz is such a wonder with her pen. Her characters leap off the page with realistic conflict and personal growth. Courting Morrow Little is a great read. The title alone made me want to read the book. Who is this girl with such an unusual name? Why would we care about her courting activities? Unless, of course, there is more than one man waiting in line to court her. Of course, there are two men. One man is a military officer who would be a safe, secure choice. The other man? Well … he would make tongues wag. Morrow’s judgment would be questioned.

The other book that I enjoyed reading very much is The Mistress of Tall Acre. Who isn’t intrigued by a marriage of convenience? I liked the heroine, Sophie Menzie. She’s a proud, strong woman with a heart of gold. And a secret crush. General Seamus Ogilvy is a likable hero who just can’t seem to catch a break. And when you think life for these two will be all sunshine and roses, a twist of fate comes into play. I won’t give it all away. You must read it for yourself.

About the Author

Tammy Trail’s writing career began with winning a contest in the 6th grade. As an adult she attended her first writing conference in 2010 to learn the art of storytelling on paper. A lover of history, it only made sense that this is the genre in which she chose to write. Since 2014 she has contributed to the Writing Prompts blog. Tammy resides in Kansas with her husband, Tim, who has become her faithful editor and enthusiastic supporter of her writing endeavors. She is currently working on her first novel set during the American Revolution.

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  1. Lori Benton has been one of my favorite authors for a long time. I have finished The Lacemaker by Laura Frantz, and have already purchased all of these books that you mentioned. I am so ready to read more of hers! Thank you for this fun interview with Tammy Trail!

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