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Takeover Tuesday: Joanna Emerson

Happy Tuesday, Reader Friends!

Today we have Joanna Emerson visiting for Takeover Tuesday. Show her some love in the comments as she talk about the story behind the story.

It’s been at the expense of all Americans that black civil war heroes have remained largely unknown. My upcoming release tells the story of one of them. The novel is Hannah’s Civil Pirate. The hero’s name is Robert Smalls.

Robert Smalls

If you attended public school, it may have been a school inspired by the ones Robert Smalls started in South Carolina during the Reconstruction Period. These desegregated, coeducational schools existed in the 1870s because Smalls survived his daring escape from slavery. He made this escape during the height of the Civil War, and he brought his family, seven enslaved friends, and their families along with him. They escaped Charleston, South Carolina in 1862, thirteen months after the war began, in the place where the war was started. Smalls successfully navigated his way past Maury torpedoes, which is what they called the underwater mines, past five Confederate checkpoints, and to the union navy with one of the Confederate gunboats.

Word has it, he wouldn’t have made it far without his wife, Hannah. She was the reason the Union frigates didn’t fire upon their Confederate gunboat. And she was the motive behind his flight. It’s her story as much as his.

This sounds like it should be a movie, right?

Hannah Smalls

That is my thought too.

The novel, Hannah’s Civil Pirate, will be released in April 5th, Robert Smalls’ birthday. A scriptwriter is working with me to put together a movie script based on the novel. But this effort is going to need the help of many people. Soon, I will put together a funding campaign to cover the costs of the movie. I also will be approaching foundations that would like to see this sort of art and inspirational story on the silver screen. But I would also love to include all of you in this effort. As many of you as would like to see this project made into a movie, please follow me: Joanna Emerson, Author and on Twitter. You can also find this info under the page for my Christian novels, Precarious Yates.

Here is an excerpt of the novel:

Carrying the one coffee cup, I make my way back to the kitchen. Mistuh Kingsman stands in the kitchen as if he be waitin’ for me. I’s sure this place would near collapse if I left. He always be needin’ me for something.
“We have guests who need a room. Are any ready?”
“Let me run this here cup o’ coffee to a table, and I will find a room for the guests.”
“Have Smalls take the coffee, Hannah.”
“Yessuh.” When I hand it to Robert, his fingers brush up against mine. “Piping hot now, you hear?”
“Yes, Miss Jones.” He wears that big ol’ smile like he can’t help it.
I close my eyes so Mistuh Kingsman don’t think I’s rolling my eyes at him. But I’s got to roll my eyes. Won’t do none to let Robert know he has the best smile I ever seen.

About the Author

Joanna Emerson loves the miracle of life and is continually awed that she’s allowed to participate in this wild, beautiful, frightening ride. She lives in Mexico with her husband and two miraculous children.

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1 thought on “Takeover Tuesday: Joanna Emerson”

  1. I love the sound of this book. I feel many people did not hear much of these survival stories..we are not taught them in school..very interesting story


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