TBT Book Spotlight: Voice in the Wilderness

Happy Thursday, Reader Friends!

I have a new book for your TBT Book Spotlight! Today we have H. L. Wegley’s Voice in the Wildnerness. This throwback read takes us to 2015. Don’t forget to check out the trailer!

About the Book

The Blurb: “What if your blog could save the nation, but posting to it might cost your life?
Two extraordinary people …
As catastrophes drive the US into martial law, all eyes are on America, waiting to see what emerges. KC Banning, network specialist, discovers President Hannan’s tyrannical plans and is branded a terrorist, sending her fleeing the Beltway to find her childhood soulmate and protector, Brock Daniels. Brock, a writer and man of faith, gives CPR to a dying nation through his blog, which is read by military members still loyal to the Constitution. But starting a grassroots insurgency while reconciling KC’s and Brock’s broken relationship proves difficult. When Hannan sends Special Forces to kill Brock and KC, starting a war in the Central Oregon desert, reconciliation, like staying alive, might be impossible.
born for a time such as this.
Set in Washington DC and near Crooked River Ranch in the Central Oregon desert, Voice in the Wilderness, Book 1 of the Against All Enemies Series, is a political thriller, with romance, about two people who must decide if they’re willing to sacrifice their lives to prevent the USA from becoming the Dystopian States of America.”

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Book Trailer

About the Author

H. L. Wegley served as an Air Force Intelligence Analyst and a Weather Officer. In civilian life, he worked as a research scientist, publishing in the scientific literature, then developed Boeing computing systems for 20 years before retiring near Seattle. He is a multi-published author with a 4-book inspirational thriller series, a 3-book political thriller series, 2 nonfiction books, and 2 more novels on the way.

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1 thought on “TBT Book Spotlight: Voice in the Wilderness”

  1. Just wanted to ad that this book won the Gold Medal for Christian Thrillers in Readers Favorite Book Awards 2017. And, for those interested, the Kindle version is on sale for $0.99 through Christmas.


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