TBT Book Spotlight: Redigo’s Choice

It’s #TBT, Reader Friends!

Today’s Throwback Thursday Book Spotlight, Redigo’s Choice, takes us back to 2008. You’ll be interested to find more about this author! Grab a cup of tea and learn more!

About the Book

The Blurb: “A poor Texas cowboy, a wealthy Mexican socialite, a whirlwind romance, and a secret marriage: the ingredients of a perfect love story, but for Redigo and Marianna they mean nothing but trouble. Marianna’s father is determined to tear the lovers apart and devises a well-organized plan of deceit and lies to remove John Redigo from his daughter’s life. His plan succeeds and Redigo and Marianna are torn asunder and for years they lead separate lives. It’s during these years that Redigo meets Addie Murphy. They both work on the Lazy M Ranch and have been friends for years but finally realize their feelings for one another are much deeper than just friendship. They discover love is good in the later years of life. Everything seems wonderful and Redigo and Addie look forward to growing older together. That dream becomes clouded when Redigo’s daughter from his brief marriage to Marianna comes into his life. Now twenty-five years later, an older and hopefully wiser man has to decide if he will risk life and limb to rescue the love of his youth from the man now trying to take her life and steal her fortune. Does Redigo rescue the lady and rekindle the love of his youth or does he realize the last love is the best love?”

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About the Author

Kasandra Elaine is the writing team of Elaine Bonner and Kassy Paris. The pair met when they were fifteen and Elaine’s father moved his family to the small East Texas community to become the pastor of the Methodist church that just happened to be across the street from Kassy’s home. The two began their writing efforts as a team when they wrote a church Christmas play those many years ago.

Elaine lived in North Texas and worked as a registered nurse. She loved spending time with her children and grandchildren, singing, working in her local church, writing, traveling, and reading. At one time, Elaine worked as a travel nurse which afforded the writing pair the opportunity to travel to different parts of the United States. God took Elaine home in May 2015.

Kassy lives in East Texas and is a retired elementary teacher. At this time, she is developing an editing and a writers mentoring business as well as continuing her own writing career. Kassy enjoys traveling, reading, and quilting (much to Elaine’s chagrin when she had to haul Kassy’s fabric stash and sewing machine around the country during their travels). Kassy’s nieces and nephews and their children bring her great joy.

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