TBT Book Spotlight: Surrender to Peace

It’s TBT!

Today Rose Allen McCauley has shared her book information for Surrender to Peace. This book takes us back to 2015. Have you read it? If not, be sure to add to your TBR pile!

About the Book

The Blurb: “Joy Worth arrives in Puerto Rico on her honeymoon trip–without her ex-fiance. On a tour, she meets Park Ranger Benigno Arroyo. On several more outings, he shows her the joy of living through the beauty of his beloved island. She begins to hear God’s voice again. Joy so loves the island she decides to stay. Benigno falls in love with Joy but realizes her pain is still fresh. Joy loves him but doubts her judgment. On a hike, Joy falls and is knocked unconscious. At her bedside, thinking she is still unconscious, Benigno proposes. Opening her eyes, she accepts. They make plans to marry on an island cruise a month later.”

Links: Amazon, Goodreads

About the Author

Rose loves to travel and has posted pictures from several countries including Puerto Rico on her website/blog at www.rosemccauley.com.

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