Interview with Linda Wood Rondeau

Happy Tuesday, Reader Friends!

I have another interview for you this week. Today Linda Wood Rondeau has stopped by to talk about her latest novel, The Fifteenth Article. Sounds like it’s going to be a great read! Check it out!

About the Book

The Blurb: “Does Chaos in United Earth Foretell a Third Dark Age?

In a post-apocalyptic era, factions compete for control of a global government gone amuck. The Network, a system of outworld communities comprised of defectors and Nomadic tribes, has become organized and desires more independence from United Earth’s dictates.

Edwin Rowlands, current governor of Western America Province and President-elect of United Earth, fears if other outworlds follow the Network’s example, the system of one government, one world, one people will collapse. His proposed Preservation Act, the Fifteenth Article of United Earth’s Constitutional Government, would criminalize non-citizenship—past, present, and future—punishable by death without benefit of trial.

As the cry for freedom crescendos, Ahmed Fared, Rowland’s Second-elect, fears a civil war that would usher in a third dark age. He calls upon the God of the Ages to once more intervene in the affairs of men. ”

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Toni: Welcome, Linda! I appreciate you taking the time to talk about your latest novel. Tell us about The Fifteenth Article.

Linda: The Fifteenth Article is a futuristic, political thriller set in the late 21st century. The world slumped into a second dark age due to war, famine, and disease. Eventually, people tired of warfare, put down their arms and formed a global democracy called The Accord. However, corruption soon followed, and The Accord crumpled, replaced by a phony democracy called The Constitutional Government of United Earth, so named for the Fourteen Articles of Constitution. The world is divided into nineteen provinces, each province containing a primary city, the polluted areas outside the cities referred to as the outworld, inhabited by defectors, nomads, and marauders. When the book begins, Charles Devereaux, governor of Western America walks into the euthanasia chamber. His successor, Edwin Rowlands, is also slated to replace the ailing President. His climb to power will give him the votes to pass his proposed Preservation Act, or The Fifteenth Article. This legislation would make defection to the outworlds, once a right under The Accord, an act of treason, both past and present, punishable by death without trial. Outworld factions in opposition to the current world government are now threatened, including the thriving Network of Western America, a system of six communities, former states, led by Jacob Goodayle, a Christ follower, proposes secession from the Constitutional Government. General Kinnear’s Revolutionary Army proposes a military takeover. Ahmed Fared, Jacob Goodayle’s adoptive brother and Second Governor of Western America, believes reform can be managed within the existing government. Will civil war be averted? Who will be the voice of reason within the ensuing chaos?

Toni: Tell us about Edwin Rowlands. What kind of personality does he have?

Linda: Edwin Rowlands is slated to become the next president of United Earth. Raised by a sadistic father and motherless since the age of twelve, Rowlands shows signs of severe mental illness. He is ruthless, yet perceives himself as a savior of mankind. He is passionate about the global government he helped to fashion. Yet, he fears the rising influence of outworld groups such as the well-organized Network. He fears thee factions will split from United Earth and threaten a global government, one he is destined to lead. He has proposed a Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution of United Earth that will make defection punishable by death … ending any organized outworld faction. With his expected rise to the highest office, he is certain to garner the needed votes to pass his Preservation Act. He intends to implement his new powers immediately upon taking office.

Toni: How did you come up with the premise for The Fifteenth Article?

Linda: As a former social worker, I became concerned regarding the current sociological trends impacting the core of our democratic nation, as well as the attack against the foundations of our freedoms and the moral decadence leading to a reforming of our cultural identification. I visualized that marriage would become indefinable and government would become more and more intrusive as individuals cast aside their freedoms in exchange for comfort and security. My future world was developed from the natural evolution of these social trends.

Toni: Awesome! What is the overall theme in this novel?

Linda: That God is still sovereign in the affairs of mankind.

Toni: Amen! For readers you have never read your work, what 3 items can they expect to find in your novels?

Linda: The present as it is influenced by history

Toni: What is your favorite…
Ice cream?

Linda: Chocolate

Toni: Cake?

Linda: Chocolate

Toni: Pie?

Linda: Chocolate cream

Toni: lol, I’m sensing a theme. Beverage?

Linda: Coffee

Toni: Apparently I have food on the brain. 🙂

Linda: And I have chocolate on the brain!

Toni: Book?

Linda: How to Be a Christian Without Being Religious

Toni: I’ll have to check that out. Movie?

Linda: Princess Bride

Toni: As you wish. Song?

Linda: “Lady” by John Denver

Toni: And before you go, can you tell us what you’re currently working on?

Linda: An Adirondack Suspense series
1. Collins Bend Legacy: A widow joins her former lover and history professor to research the influence of railroad development in Adirondack history. In so doing, they begin to unravel the 150-year-old mystery surrounding the mysterious death of a railroad tycoon and the disappearance of his beautiful wife.

2. Shadows Across Silver Creek: A young man returns to Silver Creek, the scene of horrific child abuse and neglect, to reclaim the abandoned family cabin and to visit his dying sister. He discovers shady real estate dealings resulting in large quantities of land being purchased by an unknown company. As he investigates, his life is threatened.

3. Terror at Lake Masaka (a Japanese word for Wonderful!)

Masaka, a town founded by Japanese immigrants, suffers from in explainable pollution. The widow of a fallen police officer investigates a series of neighborhood burglaries, including her own. She meets a journalist in town to investigate the pollution issues. They soon realize the two concerns are linked as they uncover a political quagmire, and leads them to both peril and love.

Toni: Sounds like you’ll be busy writing. Readers, do you have any questions for Linda?

About the Author

Award winning author, LINDA WOOD RONDEAU writes to demonstrate our worst past, surrendered to God becomes our best future. A veteran social worker, Linda now resides in Hagerstown, Maryland. Readers may visit her web site at

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