Friday’s Sales, Releases, & Giveaways – 11/17/17


I hope you had a great week and have an awesome weekend planned! I’m hoping to get some reading done. Need to finish up my Goodreads challenge! 🙂

Today’s list is filled with awesome books and ready for your reading pleasure. Get ready to add to your TBR pile and don’t forget to share!


Linda Shenton Matchett’s Love’s Harvest

The Blurb: “A modern retelling of the book of Ruth. Noreen Hirsch loses everything including her husband and two sons. Then her adopted country goes to war with her homeland. Rosa Hirsch barely adjusts to being a bride before she is widowed. She gives up her citizenship to accompany her mother-in-law to her home country. Basil Quincey is rich beyond his wildest dreams, but loneliness stalks him. Three people. One God who can raise hope from the ashes of despair.”

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Cindy M. Amos’ Running Out of Christmastime
Purchase for 99¢!

The Blurb: “A 3-in-1 Novella Collection
Three couples meet during the rush of Christmas countdown…
…and prove it’s a holiday of the heart.”

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A Beach Christmas Collection
Purchase for 99¢!

The Blurb: “Romances that will warm your heart as much as a winter beach sun.”

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Alexa Verde’s Season Of Miracles
99¢ on November 18th!

The Blurb: “Nurse Lana Smith gives herself a gift for Christmas, a fresh start in a small town. After escaping a dead-end relationship with a celebrity, she avoids her patient’s grandson, a pro football player. When Arturo gradually thaws her frozen heart, can her Christmas wish for family and affection come true?

Football is Arturo De La Vega’s life, but he returns to his hometown to help his ailing grandfather. Lana challenges Arturo to reach for stars of faith and love. Is Arturo’s quest for glory worth crushing Lana’s dreams?”

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June McCrary Jacobs’ Holiday Miracle in Apple Blossom
On sale for $2.99!

The Blurb: “Tragedy brings heartache to the community of Apple Blossom when a car takes the life of Mary Noel Simmons’s best friend—her dog. The loss nearly destroys Mary Noel’s spirit. As the injured six year old lies in the hospital, traumatized and silent, the medical bills are piling up quickly with no way for her parents to pay them.
Filled with kindness and romance, this story of hope and faith will warm your heart.”

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Tracey J. Lyons’ A Changed Agent
On sale for $1.99!

The Blurb: “When schoolteacher Elsie Mitchell meets rugged William Benton on a train platform in Albany, it appears they have nothing in common. But when she arrives at her small town in the Adirondack Mountains, Elsie is offered a job as caregiver for this mysterious out-of-towner’s niece and nephew, who’ve been tragically orphaned. Heartbroken for them, she accepts.”

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New Releases

Carlene Havel’s Song of the Shepherd Woman

The Blurb: “In the first century, Channa is raised by her pecular great-uncle Avram and his speechless wife. They are kind and teach the girl to care for sheep. When her stepfather unexpectedly announces her betrothal to a Jerusalem tanner, Channah is forced to leave the only home she knows. While struggling to adjust to marriage and city life, she cherishing the hope of someday having her own child to love.”

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Cindy M. Amos’ Canyon Country Courtship

The Blurb: “When Ford Wesley tumbles from a rock while photographing Landscape Arch, he’s rescued by pretty hiker Kenzie Drummond. On contract for next year’s Canyon Country Calendar, Ford’s injured knee aggravates his pending deadline, forcing him to meld his travel schedule with Kenzie’s as she delivers handmade lavender soap to visitor center gift shops along Utah’s national parks. Rock bridges, palisades, and hoodoos link the route for a romantic travelogue–bringing into focus an unforgettable scenery-of-the-heart.”

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Connie Kuykendall’s Love Ain’t No Reality Show

The Blurb: “It’s The Beverly Hillbillies Meets Say Yes to the Dress, TMZ, and DWTS. In this Christian Romantic Dramedy, a struggling soap hunk with multiple sclerosis and his curvy Southern fiancée become viral celebrities after she’s shamed about her weight and virginity on a disastrous wedding dress reality show.

Can they turn this reality show train wreck into lasting love or will the relentless attention of the paparazzi and a stalker result in their final elimination?”

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Tracey J. Lyons’ The Heart of an Agent

The Blurb: “Former Pinkerton spy Lily Handland has always dreamed of a quiet, safe life, free from chasing criminals and putting herself at risk. So when the opportunity to invest in a failing Great Camp in the Adirondacks comes to her attention, she quickly jumps at the chance.

Filled with grief, widower Owen Murphy wants to run away from it all. Though he’s worked hard to forge a future for himself, his guilt has kept him mired in the past. But all that changes when a headstrong, mysterious woman shows up at Owen’s door. Together, as Lily and Owen restore the beauty of the Great Camp, he begins to finally see a future. But will learning about Lily’s past destroy it all?”

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Lillian Duncan’s Puzzle House
Author Jo Huddleston is hosting a giveaway here for Puzzle House.

Snippet of the Blurb: “Life isn’t a box of candy—it’s a puzzle! Rachel Summers is all about Rachel Summers…until the day she crashes headlong into a semi-truck. As her life hangs in the balance, she has a visitor who asks a very simple question.Does she want to be healed or to be a healer?She makes her choice, but the journey doesn’t go quite the way she expected. And so Rachel now runs The Puzzle House.”

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Facebook Parties

ACFW Virginia December Facebook Party

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