Friday’s Sales, Releases & Giveaways – 11/10/17

Happy Friday, Reader Friends!

Today’s Sales, Releases & Giveaways is pretty epic! Get your pointer finger ready to click and add to your TBR pile!

New Releases

Amy R. Anguish’s An Unexpected Legacy

The Blurb: “When Chad Manning introduces himself to Jessica Garcia at her favorite smoothie shop, it’s like he stepped out of one of her romance novels. But as she tentatively walks into a relationship with this man of her dreams, secrets from their past threaten to shatter their already fragile bond. Chad and Jessica must struggle to figure out if their relationship has a chance or if there is nothing between them but a love of smoothies.”

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Jill Lynn Buteyn’s The Start of Us

The Blurb: “Janie Reardon is determined to get over her old high school crush Jack Smith. So when he asks her to help him find out if another woman is interested in him, she agrees, deciding it’s the best and fastest way to permanently remove him from her heart. But the more time they spend together, the more her crush grows. Can she really let Jack go once and for all?”

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Ruth Kyser’s The Town Named Christmas

The Blurb: “Chris O’Reilly only planned to stop in Christmas, Minnesota long enough to find his old Army buddy’s family. Then he’d head to Duluth to find his precious childhood friend, Bethany Cummings.

Scarred, battered, and emotionally struggling, Chris would love nothing more than to get his life on track and find the peace that could only come from a relationship with God.

Would he find everything he’d been looking for—right there in the town named Christmas?”

PurchSase: Amazon

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M. L. Hamilton’s Pendant

The Blurb: “A field trip gone awry. A student gone missing. Haunted by a teacher’s worst nightmare, Elaine stumbles across a vital clue–but someone will do anything to keep the truth buried. When her life is threatened, she escapes to safety in Texas with a trusted friend. Now she must solve the mystery from afar, as soon as she figures out if her friend is keeping her from danger…or keeping her from the truth.”

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Upcoming Releases

Holly, Ivy, & Intrigue
Releasing November 13th at special pre-order price of $2.99.

Christmas Murder Mix-up Blurb: ““I have to get rid of her now.”

After four months of a blissful marriage, Paige is devastated to overhear her husband, Cooper, say those words to his best friend. Because of a suspicious Christmas gift, a gas leak, and a home invasion, Paige’s love for Cooper is tested to the limit. Will their marriage survive the Christmas Murder Mix-up?”

Pre-order: Amazon

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Katie Cruice Smith’s Why Did You Choose Me?
Releasing November 12th. Info on pre-order perks here.

Snippet of the Blurb: “Most adoptive and foster children struggle at some point in their life with knowing who they are and where they belong. They want to ask questions, and parents need to be prepared with an answer that helps their child feel loved and secure.”

Pre-order: Amazon, B&N, BAM, Book Depository, CBD

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Lena Nelson Dooley’s Brides of Minnesota
Coming December 1st. Special pre-order price for paperback $6.99!

The Blurb: “Swedish immigrant brothers seek prosperity, fulfillment, and love in the land of 10,000 lakes. Gustaf meets Lars’s fiancee at the ship to explain his brother’s absence. August is reluctant to accept his older brother’s old flame as his wife. And Lowell and Ollie are both fascinated by a mysterious—and elusive—young woman. 400 pages, softcover from Barbour.”

Pre-order: Amazon

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The Hope of Christmas
Releasing November 24th!

Snippet of Picking a Bride for Paul’s Blurb: “When Teddy Love’s neighbor and best friend breaks his leg, she pitches in to do whatever she can to help him on his farm. But when he enlists her aid in finding a wife, she comes to realize she has feelings for him.”

Pre-order: Amazon

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Christmas Belles of Georgia
Author Jo Huddleston is hosting a giveaway here.

The Blurb: “They were sisters once—identical quadruplets—given up for adoption at birth. Now each receives a letter advising her to claim her inheritance and the family she never knew. . .at Christmas. Holly feels betrayed when she learns she’s adopted, while Carol prays for a loving family. Starr thinks it’s all a hoax, and Noelle needs a break from a hopeless situation. There are more surprises in store as each young woman gets just the gift she wants—and needs. You’ll be warmed by love in these interwoven tales of the ultimate Christmas gift. . . . ”

Purchase: Amazon

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Hope Toler Doughter’s Rescued Hearts
Author Cynthia Roemer is hosting a giveaway here.

Snippet of the Blurb: “Children’s clothing designer Mary Wade Kimball’s soft spot for animals leads to a hostage situation when she spots a briar- entangled kitten in front of an abandoned house. Beaten, bound, and gagged by the two thugs inside, Mary Wade loses hope for escape when a third villain returns with supplies.”

Purchase: Amazon

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Sara L. Foust’s Callum’s Compass
Stitches Thru Time is hosting a giveaway here.

The Blurb: “KAT WILLIAMS’S brother died in a gruesome accident in the mountains of East Tennessee. She blames herself.

RYAN JENKINS’S fiancée was murdered. He couldn’t protect her.”

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Angie Dicken’s My Heart Belongs in Castle Gate, Utah

Celebrate Lit is hosting a giveaway here.

Jes Drew’s The Bachelor Missions

Celebrate Lit is hosting a giveaway here.

Love’s Thankful Heart

Celebrate is hosting a giveaway here.


Carmina Edward’s Into a Silent World

Celebrate is hosting a giveaway here.

The Christmas Admirer

Celebrate is hosting a giveaway here.


Facebook Parties

Holly, Ivy, & Intrigue Release Party

Come join Celebrate Lit authors Joanie Bruce, Alexa Verde, and Denise Weimer as we celebrate the release of our newest collection, Holly, Ivy, & Intrigue. Lots of fun, fellowship, and prizes. Party starts HERE at 7pm EST.

2017 Thankful for Our Readers Event

Readers, join Celebrate Lit and more than 35 authors as we celebrate you! Lots of fun, great fellowship, and some great prizes. Party starts HERE November 14 at 11am EST.

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