Interview with Tracy Popolizio

Happy Monday, Reader Friends!

I’ve got the lovely Tracy Popolizio here today to talk about her novel, The Longest New York Minute. Be sure to say hello and stop by Tracy’s social media sites!

About the Book

The Blurb: “Thirteen-year old Jessica Bianchi has it all. A close-knit Christian family, an apartment in New York City, the greatest city in the world, a best friend who knows her inside and out, acceptance into an awesome art school, and a crush on one of the cutest boys in the class. Her biggest problem is that her father doesn’t seem to understand her anymore. Besides this, life couldn’t be better.

But then Tuesday, September 11, 2001, happens. The safe, secure world Jessica knows crumbles right in front of her eyes. The Twin Towers are attacked, her father is missing, and her mother is in another state. Jessica’s faith is tested in ways that didn’t seem possible. Will she survive the terror around her long enough to find her father and right the wrong between them?”

In The Longest New York Minute, author Tracy Popolizio explores the innermost struggles of a young girl who must choose to lean on the faith she’s been taught or collapse under the weight of her worst fear.

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Toni: What inspired you to write this novel from a 13 year-old’s perspective?

Tracy: This book was initially inspired by my daughter, then nine years old, who wanted to learn more about what happened that day. So I really wrote the book initially for my children. And what better way to help them gain a clear perspective than to write it from the eyes of a child?

Toni: Makes perfect sense! What were you doing when you find out about the World Trade Center Towers attack?

Tracy: I was a kindergarten teacher and I was at work that morning. I was also 2 months pregnant with my daughter, and I remember leaving work early because I didn’t feel well.

Toni: Oh wow. What is your go-to verse when adversity strikes?

Tracy: Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

Toni: What are you currently reading?

Tracy: I love reading historical fiction, so I’m getting ready to read a book called “Freedom’s Ring” by Heidi Chiavaroli. It’s a time slip that takes involved the Boston Marathon bombing and the Boston Massacre. Currently I am finishing a book called “When I Lay My Isaac Down” written by Carol Kent. She describes the terrible heartache of having to let go of control of a devastating family situation.

Toni: I’ve heard great things about “Freedom’s Ring.” Would you rather…
Eat apples or oranges?

Tracy: Depends on my mood

Toni: I agree. Brussel sprouts or broccoli?

Tracy: Broccoli

Toni: Same. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Tracy: Ice cream

Toni: Because it’s awesome! Cake or pie?

Tracy: Pie..unless it’s cheesecake

Toni: You’re a kindred spirit! Thanks so much for joining me today, Tracy. Before you leave, can you tell us how readers can help support you in your writing journey.

Tracy: God has showed me the next step in my journey is now to branch out into public speaking. I speak to students in schools about (typically 5th graders) the writing process and how what they have to learn in school is very similar to the process I used. I also speak to church groups and am looking to move forward into conferences and retreats. God has showed me a lot about complete and utter trust and faith through the writing of my first book, and more recently He’s opening my eyes to the power and importance of what we think, as well as learning how to give Him complete control. I would love prayers for wisdom and obedience, but also if anyone is interested or knows of someone they could connect me to, I would greatly appreciate it. My website is They can also connect with me through my blog or my Facebook page.

Toni: Praying for wisdom and obedience!

About the Author

Tracy Popolizio works with young children as a preschool teacher. While she has written pieces of poetry and short stories in the past, she is looking forward to using her writing as an avenue to draw young people closer to the Lord. She likes reading historical fiction and inspirational books that challenge her to soar even higher. In her free time, Tracy enjoys camping, running and taking walks with her husky, and spending time with her family. Tracy lives in Connecticut with her husband and two children and is blessed to be close to their extended family, enabling them to enjoy time together.

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