Prayerful Wednesday – Fill Me Up

Happy Wednesday, Reader Friends!

I pray your week is going well. If not, sit a spell and rest. I’m praying that God fills us up this week. Feel free to join me in prayer and/or leave a prayer request. You can leave one in the comments or fill out the contact form. I’ll be praying!

Blessings to you, friends!

1 thought on “Prayerful Wednesday – Fill Me Up”

  1. Our church has a locked prayer box, in which people can write down their prayers, put them in a box and then that box is taken home with one of the families. That family prays all week for the prayers in the box and returns the box at the end of the week. When the box fills up, it’s opened by an elder and shredded. No one reads them. But you have the comfort of knowing that your church family is praying for you all week.
    This current week my family was chosen to take the box home. We have enjoyed praying over those silent prayers in that box. My son told me at our evening worship the other night that he had stopped playing and prayed for the prayers in the box.
    It is such a blessing to come to the Lord in prayer and to know He hears us, and to lift up our sisters & brothers in prayer as well.

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