Friday’s Sales, Releases, Giveaways & Facebook Parties – 7/21/17

Happy Friday, Reader Friends!!

Friday’s Sales, Releases, Giveaways & Facebook Parties is back!! There’s a good group of books on today’s list. Click, read, and share, my friends!

Happy Reading!



Sarah Monzon’s All of You
On sale for 99¢!

The Blurb: Jacqueline Rogers can rebuild anything…except the shambles of her past. A restorer of vintage planes, she’s worked hard to earn the reputation of being one of the guys. The last thing she needs is a former Navy pilot fighting his own inner demons stepping in to defend her from dangers she thought she’d outrun long ago. Some battles must be fought alone.

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Tanya Eavenson’s To Gain a Mommy
On sale for 99¢!

Snippet of the Blurb: “They had a plan, but will it work?

Thirteen years ago, pediatrician Hope Michaels was the fool-hearted girl who came home from college to learn the man she loved was engaged to her twin. But now to move on with her life and accept a proposal of marriage, she must confront the one man who holds the key to the wounds of her past.”

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Christmas in July
Check out these 40 Christmas Contemporary romances on sale for 99¢ July 21 to July 25th. Click HERE for more information.

New Releases


Kristen Terrette’s Time and Tide

The Blurb: “After almost killing himself and someone else, Chad Cusher’s legal problems, addiction recovery, and physical therapy are a part of his everyday life.Free-spirited Ryan Mason is a Moanna local girl who’s dropped her own dreams to help care for her schizophrenic brother. 
After Chad and Ryan’s God-orchestrated meeting, he realizes his lonely void begins to dissipate with every island adventure spent with her. But is it possible to start over and be restored?”

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Dana Romanin’s Abby’s Letters

Snippet of the Blurb: “For years, Jane’s mom told her horror stories about her time spent in foster care. Now she’s determined to keep her little sister from suffering the same fate.

Seventeen-year-old Jane Sanders has had to take care of her alcoholic mother and little sister, Abby, since her dad died seven years ago. And now Mom had to go and die too. Authorities determine it was a homeless transient who died in the fire of the old manufacturing plant, but Jane knows the truth.”

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Upcoming Releases


Andrea Boyd’s Restoring Dermot
Coming July 29th!

The Blurb: After ten years away, Prince Rian is returning home. He makes it as far as Dermot, where he is held captive by King Farris. The king will do whatever it takes to force Rian into marrying his daughter.

Princess Adrika is little more than a token used to advance her father’s plans. Marrying Rian would place her under the rule of two stubborn men instead of one, but it may be better than the alternative.

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Jacqueline Freeoman Wheelock’s In Pursuit of an Emerald
Coming August 15th!

The Blurb: “Ruing past mistakes, ex-slave Violette McMillan has one goal: keeping herself and her daughter Emerald safe from masculine wiles. But when Violette’s washerwoman job expires and she is hired by businessman Benjamin Catlett, she finds herself lured by his charms. Will she resist? Or will she succumb to her new handsome boss whose secret is his past as the son of a black slaveholder—a past causing Benjamin to sometimes behave like an antebellum master?”

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Zoe M. McCarthy’s Gift of the Magpie
Coming August 15th!

The Blurb: “Amanda’s trust issues sabotage her relationships. In a deep snow accumulation, the author of middle-grade books holes up to meet her book deadline. Then Camden moves in across the street. Her heart still smarts from the humiliating aftermath of their high school Valentine’s Day date. He may be a handsome, amiable man now, but Amanda doesn’t trust him. When Cam doesn’t recognize her, she thinks it’s safe to be his neighbor. Boy is she wrong.”

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Pam Hillman’s The Promise of Breeze Hill
Check out this Goodreads’ giveaway here!

The Blurb: Natchez, MS; 1791

Anxious for his brothers to join him on the rugged frontier along the Mississippi River, Connor O’Shea has no choice but to indenture himself as a carpenter in exchange for their passage from Ireland. But when he’s sold to Isabella Bartholomew of Breeze Hill Plantation, Connor fears he’ll repeat past mistakes and vows not to be tempted by the lovely lady. Soon, though, Connor realizes someone is out to eliminate the Bartholomew family. Can he set aside his own feelings to keep Isabella safe?”

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Allison K. Garcia’s Vivir el Dream
Enter this Goodreads giveaway here.

Snippet of the Blurb: 
“Linda Palacios crossed the border at age three with her mother, Juanita, to escape their traumatic life in Mexico and to pursue the American dream. Years later, Linda nears college graduation. With little hope for the future as an undocumented immigrant, Linda wonders where her life is going.
Tim Draker, a long-unemployed businessman, has wondered the same thing. Overcome with despair, he decides to take his own life. Before he can carry out his plan, he changes course when he finds a job as a mechanic.

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Amber Schamel’s Dawn of Liberty
Author Jo Huddleston is hosting a giveaway for Dawn of Liberty. Enter HERE.

The Blurb: “Three inspirational short stories follow Samuel Adams as he struggles through the events surrounding the Declaration of Independence in early America and evokes the Dawn of Liberty. If you love Christian historical fiction, you will love this collection.”

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Facebook Parties


Celebrating the release of Restoring Dermot
Join author Andrea Boyd on July 28th as she celebrates her release, Restoring Dermot. Party starts at 8pm EDT. You can join HERE for the virtual fun.

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  1. I just entered the giveaway for the book VIVIR EL DREAM by Allison K. Garcia. Intriguing story.
    Thanks for the giveaway.


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