Friday’s Releases and Giveaways – 7/14/17

Happy Friday, Reader Friends!!

My author friends have sent me their book details for Friday’s Freebies, Sales, Releases, Giveaways & Facebook parties! I hope you’re ready to read!

New Releases


Pamela Harstad’s Their Greek Key

Snippet of the Blurb: Connie Pappas has a lifetime opportunity to leave Chicago and design fashions in New York when the love of her life returns, and spins her world around.

For Nick Kanelleas, all that remain are two pendants from his deceased father and uncle, who were abandoned. He follows their mystery, but he also wants business success. He reconnects with Connie when he renovates her father’s restaurant, and she questions Nick’s business transactions. His job leads to problems at the restaurant, and his own future.

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Cindy M. Amos’ Warming Stone Cold Lodge

The Blurb: “Artist Bibi Harrison, who stacks stones to build waterfalls, is thrilled with her move to the Flint Hills of Kansas. When she takes a scatter-shot rescue assist from reclusive rancher Lodge Reddeck, she discovers even more rocks to deal with. A brush with lawlessness has left Lodge stone cold, but Bibi’s inquisitive nature may unravel the situation. Watch how Christian concern can ripple across a community and free a rancher trapped in his own remorse.”

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Upcoming Releases


Targeted For Danger
Coming September 5th!

The Blurb: “Are you ready for some suspenseful summer reading? From eight of your favorite bestselling Christian romantic suspense authors comes this anthology of seven brand NEW novellas and one bonus novella of suspense and intrigue to fill your summer reading!​”

Pre-order: Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Kobo

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Kill Zone
Coming October 3rd! Pre-order for 99¢!

The Blurb: “Espionage, hacking, police procedural, international crime and intrigue, covert action, spy, secret police, revenge, snipers…and so much more! Ten deadly thrillers packed into this one anthology. KILL ZONE is available for a limited time only.”

Pre-order: Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Kobo

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Darlene Franklin’s Mermaid’s Song
Author Jo Huddleston is hosting a giveaway HERE for Ms. Franklin’s Mermaid’s Song.

Snippet of the Blurb: “Noble Prescott is drawn to the scene of a shipwreck by a sweet song sung in a language he didn’t understand. The songstress is barely alive, holding onto a piece of the ship’s railing. Her dress wraps around her legs like a mermaid’s tail.

Thus begins this imaginative retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale.”

Purchase: Amazon

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