Friday’s Releases and Giveaways – 6/9/17

Happy Friday!!

Hope you’re having an awesome week! It’s time to fill your TBR pile to enjoy the weekend. My author friends have sent me their info for their books. Check it out!

New Releases


Janet Sketchley’s A Year of Tenacity

The Blurb: “365 Daily Devotions to Warm Your Spirit and Encourage Your Heart

Each of these conversational-style insights and heart-sharing moments will bless and inspire.

Entries are numbered by day, not by date, so readers aren’t tied to a calendar year and don’t have to play catch-up if they miss a few days.

Honest, engaging, and uplifting, these devotionals are ideal for both long-time Christians and those just finding their way.”

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Jenna Brandt’s The English Proposal

Snippet of the Blurb: “Sheltered on her family’s country estate, Lady Margaret, the daughter of an English Earl, is betrothed due to a family promise. Although Henry, the Viscount Rolantry, has been her best friend since childhood and she is expected to marry him, she never felt butterflies until she meets the Duke of Witherton. Against her father’s wishes, Margaret finds herself captivated by the forbidden duke. Caught between family loyalty and her own wishes, Margaret searches for a way to satisfy both her responsibilities and her longings.”

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Upcoming Releases


Jenna Brandt’s The French Encounter

Snippet of the Blurb: “Ruined by a night she will never forget, Lady Margaret, Countess of Renwick, must flee from England with her infant son to hide from the man who destroyed her life and from the sister-in-law who hates her. Relentlessly, the duke and viscountess hunt for them, planning to take the child to whom they both feel entitled. Margaret turns to God, believing he will protect her family and help her find her long-lost twin brother, Randall.”

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Destination Romance

The Blurb: “From a cave in the hills of Missouri to a sandy beach in Grand Cayman, romance blooms for five heroines when they least expect it. Bare Feet and Warm Sand BY Kim Vogel Sawyer. Sufficient Grace BY Constance Shilling Stevens. Better Together Than Apart BY Rose Allen McCauley. A Shelter in a Weary Land BY Julane Hiebert. Cotton Candy Sky BY Kristian Libel”

Purchase: Here

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L. R. Burkard’s Defiance
Author Jo Huddleston is hosting a giveaway. Enter HERE until June 13th for a chance to win.

Snippet of the Blurb: “Each day is important when it may be your last

When an EMP struck the U.S. and rendered all electronics instantly useless, Andrea, Lexie and Sarah’s lives changed forever. Their struggle for survival revealed surprising hidden strengths–but also weaknesses. Now, banded with other survivors, they hope for a temporary haven. But with no rule of law, and surrounded by foreign invaders and fellow Americans gone rogue, no one is safe.”

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Patricia Beal’s ​A Season to Dance
Check out the Goodreads giveaway for a chance to win 1 of 5 copies. You can also check out the Amazon giveaway.

Snippet of the blurb: “Ballerina Ana Brassfield has her path to the stage of the Met in New York and her future with fiancé Peter Engberg all figured out—until her first love, renowned German dancer Claus Gert, shows up in Georgia to dance with her and win her back. Claus kisses her after a rehearsal, a kiss Peter witnesses from the darkened audience. Convinced a kiss between Claus and Ana is more than a one-time mistake, Peter breaks off his engagement with Ana.”

Purchase: Amazon

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