Friday’s Releases, Giveaways & Facebook Parties – 6/2/17

Happy Friday, Reader Friends!!

Can you believe it’s the middle of June?! I’m stunned. Pretty soon my kids will be out of school and reading time will span in front of me. Thankfully my friends have sent me their info for today’s list. Time to pile onto the TBR pile for Friday’s Releases, Giveaways & Facebook parties!

New Releases


Lee Carver’s Katie’s Quest

Snippet of the Blurb: “Katie Dennis committed to serve as a nurse in the Amazon even after her fiancé died on a training flight. She wouldn’t have lasted through the first mission trip if not for Matt, a pilot born and reared in the jungle. But she’d never fall for a pilot again. Matt Gibbs, missionary pilot, finally settled on a good choice for a wife, someone known to his family all their lives. Why, then, did the new blonde nurse make him feel like doing barrel rolls in the Amazon sky?”

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Lynn Huggins Blackburn’s ​Hidden Legacy

The Blurb: “After an attack by an armed intruder, Caroline Harrison must rely on Detective Jason Drake, the man who once broke her heart, to figure out why someone’s after her soon-to-be-adopted son. Reunited after thirteen years, Jason hopes their love might be rekindled, but protecting Caroline and her son must come first. Because if he wants a chance at a future—and a family—with them, they have to outrun a hit man.”

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Teresa Tysinger’s Someplace Familiar

The Blurb: Artist Livy Johnson has come back to quaint Laurel Cove, NC for a fresh start. She’s reclaimed her grandmother’s old home to restore its original charm. When she collides with childhood friend, Jack Bowdon, Livy wonders if she’s back for an entirely different reason. They embark on the project together—and an undeniable whirlwind romance. But they must also find a way to survive painful pasts and ultimately discover God’s grace waiting to renovate their hearts.

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Allison K. Garcia’s Vivir el Dream

Snippet of the Blurb: “Linda Palacios crossed the border at age three with her mother, Juanita, to escape their traumatic life in Mexico and to pursue the American dream. Years later, Linda nears college graduation. With little hope for the future as an undocumented immigrant, Linda wonders where her life is going.Tim Draker, a long-unemployed businessman, has wondered the same thing. Overcome with despair, he decides to take his own life. Before he can carry out his plan, he changes course when he finds a job as a mechanic.


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Coming Home: A Tiny House Collection

The Blurb: “Tiny houses are all the rage these days, but what can you do with something so small? Here are seven stories about people chasing their dreams, making fresh starts, finding love, stumbling upon forgiveness, and embarking upon new adventures in tiny houses. Travel with them around the country in this big novella collection.”

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Upcoming Releases


Lynette Eason’s Chasing Secrets
Coming August 1st!

Snippet of the Blurb: “Elite Guardians bodyguard Haley Callaghan may be in South Carolina, but when a photo leads investigators in West Ireland to open a twenty-five-year-old cold case, her life is suddenly in danger. Haley knows how to take care of herself; after all, she’s made a career out of taking care of others. But after an uncomfortably close call, Detective Steven Rothwell takes it upon himself to stay with her–and the young client she has taken under her wing.”

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Cynthia Roemer’s Under this Same Sky
Enter this Goodreads giveaway HERE!

Snippet of the Blurb: “~ She thought she’d lost everything
~ Instead she found what she needed most. 
Illinois ~ 1854

Becky Hollister wants nothing more than to live out her days on the prairie, building a life for herself alongside her future husband. But when a tornado rips through her parents’ farm, killing her mother and sister, she must leave the only home she’s ever known and the man she’s begun to love to accompany her injured father to St. Louis.”

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Sandy Nadeau’s Rescue Me
Author Jo Huddleston is hosting a giveaway HERE.

Snippet of the Blurb: “First Responder Ronnie Spencer has a no-dating-firefighters rule. She lost her father to a fire, and won’t risk the heartbreak of losing someone else. But when Steve McNeal returns, Ronnie’s heart is tested. How can she swear off dating a firefighter when she has to work with the one man she used to love? When the unthinkable happens, Ronnie has doubts. How can a loving God allow tragedy to stalk her life again?”

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Toni Shiloh’s Finding Love
Head to Coffee Cups & Camisoles for a chance to win an eBook copy.

The Blurb: “Delaney Jones has finally started to pick up the pieces of her shattered life after the death of her husband, Parker. Just as life enters a new normal, in walks Army soldier, Luke Robinson. 

Sergeant First Class Luke Robinson can’t get over his part in the death of Delaney’s husband. In hopes to assuage his guilt, he offers to lend a hand. Will his secrets widen the gulf or will he finally find absolution?”

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Facebook Parties


ACFW Virginia June Virtual Book Party
Join the authors of the ACFW Virginia chapter as they talk about books. There will be fun, prizes, and all things bookish. Join HERE to attend the June 2nd party, which starts at 4pm EDT!


Amish Brides Release Party
Join Molly Jebber of the Amish Brides collection as she talks about her new release. Join HERE to attend the June 5th party, which starts at 4pm PDT.


Springs of Love Open House
Join the authors of the Springs of Love collection. Join HERE to attend the June 8th party, which starts at 10am PDT.

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