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Review: The Uncloaked by J. Rodes

Happy Monday, Reader Friends!!

I’m super excited to share my review of The Uncloaked by J. Rodes. I know you’re going to love this book, so pull up a chair and learn about it.

About the Book


From the back cover: “No one stirred in the area—people stayed in their little hovels. Hiding, most likely. From the cold, the helplessness. Maybe from the Party. Staying out of sight, like cockroaches.
I am not a cockroach.

“Apathy is the illness of the overprivileged…” Words laced with fear—and maybe a hint of prophecy. His father’s words. Words Braxton would prefer to ignore.

Braxton Luther is sixteen when the Progressive Reform Party takes over the government. It can’t be that bad. So they don’t want religion in government—that’s constitutional. He can’t understand his church’s hypersensitive reaction or his father’s cryptic warning to stand against the Party’s ultimatums.

But after living under the new government for a year, Braxton faces a choice—conform to the demands of the ungodded in order to protect his best friend, Eliza, or defy the system and go into hiding, ensuring a life of misery. Still certain that life will settle back into normalcy in the near future, Braxton chooses compliance.

Then the killings begin, and the threat to Eliza becomes darker than Braxton had ever imagined. Reality finally sinks in.

Apathy is no longer a choice.

***PG-13 material. Though this book is Christian Fiction, there are dark (but not graphic) scenes that some readers my find disturbing.”

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Oh. My. Wow!

One of the things i love about the dystopian genre is the strength of faith. This genre causes you to self-examine yourself and your beliefs. In The Uncloaked, author J. Rodes hits that out the park.

Y’all, I highlighted so many lines in the story (yay for eBooks), that I’m sure it looks like I just highlighted the entire book. Seriously, there are that many lines that make you think. Make you grapple for reality, because it’s fiction, but it’s so much more.

Here are a couple of my favorite quotes:

See what I mean?

Want more? Buy the book. Seriously, buy the book. I cannot toot Ms. Rodes horn or laud the awesomeness of this book enough. It’s targeted for YA group and dystopian lovers. In my opinion, this is a book for the generations. A book that will have you questioning your loyalty to the great I Am and searching for your resolve if ever faced with persecution.

This book is The Left Behind Series and a twist of today’s climate (in my opinion). I will be shocked and amazed if people do NOT like this book. 

My only complaint is that book one is over. Yet, book two is slated to release in July (hooray!) and there is an excerpt if you need something to tide you over.

*I give this 5 out of  5 stars for its seriously epic awesomeness factor.
**I received a free copy from the publisher. The review is entirely my own opinion.

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