Friday’s Releases, Giveaways & Facebook Parties – 3/31/17

Happy Friday, Reader Friends!!

Thanks for stopping by Soulfully Romantic! My author friends have sent me the deals for their books to fill out Friday’s Releases, Giveaways & Facebook parties list! You’ll love it!

*P.S. – There will be no Friday post on April 7th and 14th. Sorry!

New Releases


Terri Reed’s Guardian
Ms. Reed has a new release!

Snippet of the Blurb: When a fellow FBI agent is kidnapped and a protected witness vanishes, Leo Gallagher will stop at nothing to find them both. So when he discovers a link between the case and a single mother in Wyoming, Leo and his trusty K-9 partner rush to question Alicia Duncan. Could she be the key to locating the missing persons? Not if a killer has anything to say about it. Someone is determined to keep Alicia from talking…
Purchase: Amazon, Harlequin

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Lynette Eason’s Lethal Conspiracy
Ms. Eason has a new release!

Snippet of the Blurb: “As a professional fundraiser for charitable organizations, Lillian Maloney, is used to sweet talking people into seeing things her way. But when she sees her father’s campaign manager murder a woman in the parking garage of his office building, no amount of sweet talking can save her. Now, she’s Lilly Peterson, and on the run from the men he’s hired to kill her. A close call brings Firefighter Jason Tanner into her life.”

Purchase: Amazon

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Latoya C. Martin’s Pain’s Purpose
Ms. Martin has a new release!

Snippet of the Blurb: “With life growing inside of her, Talia Williams finally understood that love could no longer hold her abusive marriage together. To prevent losing another baby, she seeks refuge with her parents, but with Khalil hot on her trail, she is forced to move in with her sorority sister, Alanna Davis. Living under one roof gives the women an opportunity to reconcile past differences and together deal with love, pain, and life’s transitions.”

Purchase: Amazon, B&N

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Catherine West’s The Memory of You
Check out Ms. West’s new release!

Snippet of the blurb: Thirteen years ago, Natalie lost a part of herself when her twin sister died. Will traveling back to the family winery finally put the memory to rest, or will it completely destroy her?

Pre-order: AmazonB&N

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Upcoming Releases


Let Love Spring: A Historical Romance Collection
Join three historical authors in the Let Love Spring collection!

An Angel for the Cowboy Blurb: “When the bank threatens foreclosure on Essie Love’s home, it’s up to her to provide. She’ll do whatever it takes to save her sisters, even if it means marrying a stranger.

Jud Steele is wanted for a crime he didn’t commit. Wounded and left for dead, he lands on Essie’s doorstep. While she nurses him back to health, he longs for a home and family.

Can two desperate people find a path that leads home?”

Pre-order: Amazon

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Sara Baysinger’s Ashen City
Ms. Baysinger’s 2nd book in the Black Tiger series releases April 6th! Pre-order for 99¢!

Snippet of the Blurb: “Ember Carter has escaped the flames of death. But will she ever be free from Chief Titus? When the orchard goes up in smoke and her family turns up missing, Ember returns to Frankfort hoping to find her brother and father, and to get Titus to drop the death wish he has against her.

But Titus is always one step ahead. When Ember faces him head-on, she’s captured, only to receive another death sentence.”

Pre-order: Amazon

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Katie Ganshert’s Life After
Ms. Ganshert’s novel releases April 18th!

Snippet of the Blurb: “On the day of a late spring storm, in Chicago, Autumn Manning boarded an “L” train. A bomb explodes, killing everyone in the train car except for Autumn—the sole survivor. A year has passed and Autumn suffocates under a blanket of what ifs and the pressing desire to bring the victims back to life, every day, if only for her. She doesn’t want their stories to be forgotten.”

Pre-order: Amazon, B&N, CBD

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Sherry Kyle’s Road to Harmony
Ms. Kyle’s book releases May 1st! Pre-order for 99¢!

The Blurb: “It’s 1907 and a cattle thief is loose in Harmony Valley. Elena Seifert wants to help her father guard his dairy farm, but everyone thinks that’s a man’s job. When her childhood sweetheart returns to Harmony, her heart is torn between Jonas Bollinger, her secret love, and Lars Rissler, the wealthy middle-aged storeowner her parents hope she marries.”

Pre-order: Amazon

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Sarah Monzon’s All of You
Book 2 in Carrington series releases in May! 100% of pre-order sales go to Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund!!

The Blurb: Jacqueline Rogers can rebuild anything…except the shambles of her past. A restorer of vintage planes, she’s worked hard to earn the reputation of being one of the guys. The last thing she needs is a former Navy pilot fighting his own inner demons stepping in to defend her from dangers she thought she’d outrun long ago. Some battles must be fought alone.

Pre-order: Amazon

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Jo Huddleston’s Weekly Giveaway
Author Jo Huddleston is hosting a giveaway for Nike Chillemi’s Harmful Intent. You can enter HERE by April 4th for a chance to win a copy.

Snippet of the Blurb: “Betrayal runs in private investigator Veronica “Ronnie” Ingels’ family. So, why is she surprised when her husband of one year cheats on her? The real shock is his murder, with the local lawman pegging her as the prime suspect.

Ronnie Ingels is a Brooklyn bred private investigator who travels to west Texas, where her cheating husband is murdered. As she hunts the killer to clear her name, she becomes the hunted.”

Purchase: Amazon

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Facebook Parties


Deadly Affections Release Party
Join author Tracee Lydia Garner and her other author friends on March 31st at 7pm EDT as she celebrates the release of Deadly Affections. You can RSVP HERE to attend the virtual Facebook party.


Cover Reveal for A Mother for Leah by Rachel L. Miller
Join Ms. Miller has she reveals her cover for A Mother for Leah. You can join HERE to attend the April 6th virtual party at 6pm CDT!


Just The Way You Are Launch Party
Join Pepper D. Basham has she celebrates her launch of Just The Way You Are. You can join the party HERE which starts April 6th at 8pm EDT.

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