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Happy Saturday, Reader Friends!!

I hope you had an awesome week. I’ve been pretty on other blogs so I didn’t have a chance to write a My Thoughts posts this Saturday. So instead, I wanted to share my blog posts from my other sites.

​Blessings to you!

Putting on the New

Come join the conversation about Christians bad habit of “Exclusivity.”

Guest Post

I was fortunate to be invited to Jennifer Slattery’s blog. I talked about God’s “Safety Net.”

ACFW Virginia

As member of ACFW Virginia chapter, I get to blog for them every month. In February, I did a flash fiction piece in celebration of Black History Month. Check out “A Dream.” I’ve also added it to my Flash Fiction tab.

Diversity Between the Pages

I started this group blog last month, and I’m loving the conversations on it.
Here are some posts I wrote.

Author Interview: Jersuha Agen
Author Interview: Deborah Raney
Open Discussion: What is Christian fiction?
Open Discussion: Who should write ethnic characters?

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