Friday’s Sales, Releases, & Giveaways – 2/10/17

Happy Friday, Reader Friends!!

Thanks for stopping by to check out Friday’s Sales, Releases, & Giveaways! I know you’re going to love this list. Have fun adding to your TBR pile and Happy Reading!

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Catherine West’s Bridge of Faith
Ms. West’s eBook is on sale!

Snippet of the Blurb: “Two lives taken down different roads – one enduring love – one shot at starting over. 
If only they believed in second chances. 

Julia Connelly is finally free from twelve long years in an abusive relationship. Now able to live the life she’s longed for, Julia takes her two children back home to Vermont, hoping for peace and healing. The last person she expects to see is the man she eloped with at eighteen—who then abandoned her two months into their marriage, with little explanation.”

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Catherine West’s Hidden in the Heart
Ms. West’s eBook is on sale!

Snippet of the Blurb: “For the first time in her life, Claire wants to know where she came from… After losing her mother to cancer, and suffering yet another miscarriage soon after, Claire Ferguson numbs the pain with alcohol and pills, and wonders if her own life is worth living. Adopted at birth, Claire is convinced she has some unknown genetic flaw that may be causing her miscarriages. She must find a way to deal with the guilt she harbors.”

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New Releases


Sue Barr’s Caroline
Ms. Barr has a new release!

The Blurb: “Whatever happened to Caroline Bingley after her brother and unrequited love interest married a Bennet sister?
Adrift for the first time in three years she meets the mysterious Lord Nathan whom Society has cast as a Rake. Unbeknownst to her, he has changed and is now the vicar of one Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley.
Can he reconcile his rising desire for the spoiled miss with how a vicar’s wife ‘should’ behave?”

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Barbara M. Britton’s Building Benjamin: Naomi’s Journey
Happy Release Day to Ms. Britton! Her book is no available on eBook.

The Blurb: Love Grows Where God Grafts the Tender Shoot.
When a Benjamite raider kidnaps Naomi bat Heriah, a weaver from the tribe of Ephraim, she barters a betrothal to protect herself until she is rescued. But when she falls in love with her vulnerable captor she is torn. How can she stay and rebuild his tribe without becoming a traitor to her own?

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Julianna Deering’s Murder on the Moor
Ms. Deering has a new release!

The Blurb: “Drew Farthering comes to Bloodworth Park Lodge on the mysterious Yorkshire moors to investigate incidents of mischief making, poaching, longstanding grudges, and even the murder of the local vicar. Do the affections of the lady of the Lodge lie with her husband or with his fiery Welsh gamekeeper? And what’s behind rumors of the spectral black hound that haunts the moor? Drew must separate fact from fiction and find the killer before it’s too late.”

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Upcoming Releases


Cathe Swanson’s Baggace Claim
Ms. Swanson’s book releases February 14th!

The Blurb: Ben Taylor’s comfortable life crumbles when he gets caught up in a dangerous criminal network. He scrambles to find protection for his children before setting out to clear his name—all without getting himself killed in the process.He persuades his very competent nanny – who isn’t quite what she appears to be – to take them to a friend in the Upper Peninsula. Who is this stranger Ben trusts with his children?”

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Over 50 Writer Giveaway
Author Patti Shene is hosting a giveaway for Janell Butler Wojtowicz’s Embracing Hope. You can enter HERE for a chance to win a copy.

The Blurb: University dean Drew McKinley mourns his dead wife and still wears his wedding ring. Falling in love again is the last thing on his mind. Even as grad student Allison Bennett deals with financial hardships and academic challenges, she recognizes Drew’s unresolved grief from her own loss. Student senate president Chris Whitney carries around the secret burden of a dysfunctional family and a just-below-the surface temper.

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Patti’s Porch Giveaway
Author Patti Shene is hosting a giveaway for Patricia Bradley’s Justice Delayed! You can enter HERE for a chance to win.

The Blurb: “It’s been eighteen years since TV crime reporter Andi Hollister’s sister was murdered. The confessed killer’s execution date is looming,  but a letter surfaces stating that the condemned killer didn’t do it. Detective Will Kincade will stop at nothing to help Andi get to the bottom of it. They have less than a week to find the real killer before the wrong person is executed. But much can be accomplished in that week–including uncovering police corruption, running for your life, and falling in love.”

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Jo Huddleston’s Weekly Giveaway
Author Jo Huddleston is hosting a giveaway for Darlene Franklin’s Colorado Columbine. You can enter HERE until February 14th for a chance to win.

Garnet Harvey graduates from an orphanage and lands a job as a nanny for three motherless girls. 

Chester Paul, a wealthy businessman, lost his wife in childbirth. After a long period of mourning, he hires a nanny to take care of his children while he works in the city. He remains involved in the girls’ daily lives, and comes to care for their new caregiver.

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