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My Thoughts: The Need for Compassion

I’ve been wondering what to write for My Thoughts for awhile now. I’m sure you’ve been wondering what happened to the post. The problem was, I couldn’t figure out how to put my thoughts in written form. I’m not entirely sure, I can do so now, but I’m going to try.

Since the election, I’ve noticed a widespread of hate, intolerance, impatience, and an overall lack of compassion. I’m not pointing fingers to any group in particular, because I believe the majority of the American population cannot be put in a box, despite the overwhelming desire to label people.

What concerns me the most is the lack of compassion running rampant. There are people who are experiencing very real fear. Fear that the racial climate will head further south and strip them of their rights and freedoms. Some of my minority friends are getting second glances simply because they “look” Muslim, but they aren’t. Their Christians, but due to ignorance and a lack of desire to learn and congregate with all people, they’ll never be seen that way.

I have this feeling inside that if we could just operate under compassion, so many of our woes would fall by the wayside. Thousands clamored for the attention of Jesus. It had to be stressful, being pressed upon by the abundance of neediness. BUT He had compassion.

If we are truly His, His characteristics would reflect in our lives. People would believe us compassionate. Only they don’t. They believe us (Christians) narrow minded, holier-than-thou, ungraceful-filled people. Please, take a moment to ask yourself, are you being compassionate in ALL areas? Not just the ones you understand, but the ones that require a deeper empathy.

Please, go forth and be compassionate. 

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