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Review: The Warrior’s Seal by Ronie Kendig

Happy Saturday, Reader Friends!!!

​I’m beyond excited to share my review of Ronie Kendig’s The Warrior’s Seal. ​But before I get started, let’s get some preliminary information out the way. First, this novella is FREE. Yep, you read that right. Purchase it from Amazon or B&N for your eReader. And in case you don’t follow the awesome Ronie Kendig, head on over to her Website, Facebook, or Twitter site.



Y’all…(picture me shaking my head and rubbing my hands with glee) this book was. BEYOND. FANTASTIC!! Everything I come to expect from Ms. Kendig’s ‘Rapid-fire fiction’ was in ​The Warrior’s Seal.  ​However, that doesn’t clearly explain how awesome this story is.

​Y’all this may be Ms. Kendig’s best book yet! I know I probably say that with ever book, but seriously her writing gets better every. single. time. The prologue blew me out of the water. She brings the reader to the past with the Knights of Templar. Hello, intrigue!!

​Then she brings us to the present where we meet Cole “Tox” Russell and his crew of Green Berets. He might just be my favorite ‘Rapid-fire fiction’ hero yet. Which, I didn’t think anyone could top Candyman. Oh, and Tzivia Khalon…is going to be a fierce female lead, I can already tell.

This novella was over too quickly (I devoured it in one day). Seeing how it’s the prequel to Conspiracy of Silence, it makes sense that it was short. However, the preview they give of Conspiracy of Silence ​was enough to make me dance in my seat with anticipation. (Okay, so I was dancing on my couch where I do most of my reading.) You can pre-order the first official book of The Tox Files on Amazon or B&N.

​So tell me, have you read it? Did you finish it with a quickness or force yourself to savor the beauty of fast-paced action?

​*I give this a 5 out of 5 (because 6 isn’t a rating)!!

4 thoughts on “Review: The Warrior’s Seal by Ronie Kendig”

  1. Hi Toni: Such a wonderful, and exciting review. I will check out Ronie’s links and books. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you and your family a great day! Mary


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