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An Interview with Angela Ruth Strong

Happy Tuesday, Reader Friends!!

I’m so excited to share an interview with the amazing Angela Ruth Strong. I had the pleasure of getting to know her when we both entered, Love Inspired’s Blurb2Book contest. Check out the interview and keep scrolling for more information on her book, Finding Love in Big Sky. 

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1. Thanks for stopping by, Ms. Strong. I’m so excited to talk about Finding Love in Big Sky, Montana. Can you tell us about it?
It’s a sequel to Finding Love in Sun Valley—a book I wrote eight years ago. It originally released as my debut novel, Love Finds You in Sun Valley, but right after I sold it, my first husband left me. I didn’t want to write romance anymore, so I ended my relationship with my agent. Then the book went out of print and the publisher went out of business. That book was dead, dead, dead.
Then God restored my life as God intends to
do for everyone, and not only did I get my rights back to the book, but I rereleased it as the first in a series, and book #2, Finding Love in Big Sky, has been optioned for film. (Read more HERE!) I adore this Christmas story of love lost, love found, and God’s love for us all.

2. So I have to ask. Have you been to Big Sky and if not, how did you do the research for this novel?
I have not been to Big Sky, but I have been to Montana and Yellowstone, and I did a lot of research online. (I like to travel vicariously through my characters.) I based Paisley’s ranch on this one.

3. Big Sky is book 2 in the Resort to Love series. Care to tell the readers about book one?
Sure. You made my day when we were in the Blurb2Book contest together, and after I said I’d written Love Finds You in Sun Valley, you said, “You’re THAT Angela. I loved Love Finds you in Sun Valley.” 🙂
It’s a fun story of an actress who returns to her home state to film a rafting movie and falls for the rafting guide who is very opposed to Hollywood types. *happy sigh*
The film company that optioned Finding Love in Big Sky also optioned this one, but the whole idea of filming a movie within a movie got a little too complicated. I’m okay with that because I think Big Sky would make a better movie anyway.
4. Name 3 ingredients that always go into your novels.
Charm—I like to think of my writing as print charming.

Heart—I always cry for my characters. And I think others care too because one time my daughter actually kicked me after reading a scene.

Crazy huge endings—my husband said to me yesterday, “You like to end your stories on stage, don’t you?” I do. Sometimes metaphorically, sometimes literally.
5. What’s next for you on the writing front? Any upcoming releases?
I’m finishing up book #3, Finding Love in Park City, and I have a proposal due by the middle of this month for a novella collection including a prequel story for one of the older brothers in the story, Finding Love at the Beach. This collection will also include novellas by Heather Woodhaven and Lisa Phillips (my Team Love on the Run friends), as well as USA Today Best-Selling Author Christina Coryell. Then in February Playing Dead comes out—my first novel with Love Inspired Suspense. Yay!!!
It will be interesting to see which style of writing my readers prefer more. The sweet romance or the romantic suspense? I like both.
Thanks so much for having me, Toni. It’s fun getting to know other writers before they get their contracts so we can say, “I knew them when,” huh? 

Toni here: It’s AMAZING getting to know authors before they hit it back. Thanks for stopping by, Angela!

About the Book


From the back cover: “Josh Lake is forced to head home for the holidays after he’s suspended from his job in the city, but running into Paisley Sheridan could be exactly what he needed. Not only does she board him at her ranch in exchange for his advertising expertise, but spending the Christmas season with her in Big Sky, Montana, brings more joy than he’s felt in a long while. Is he willing to give up the lavish lifestyle he’s worked for in exchange for the gift of love?

The last thing Paisley Sheridan wants for Christmas is to spend time with Josh—the guy who broke her heart in high school—but until her bank loan goes through, she has to take all the free help she can get. Unfortunately, Josh seems to want back in her life again, and the town’s quirky coffee shop owners don’t help by hanging mistletoe at every opportunity. Will Paisley succeed in driving him away, or will she find the healing needed to have hope for a future together?”

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About the Author


Angela Ruth Strong studied journalism at the University of Oregon and currently lives in Idaho where she started IDAhope Writers. She’s won both the Cascade Award and Idaho Top Author. She’s excited to release her first Christmas romance, Finding Love in Big Sky this September, and she has a romantic suspense novel, Presumed Dead, coming out with Love Inspired Suspense in February ’17.

Connect and follow at: Website, Facebook

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