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An Interview with Denise Weimer

Happy Tuesday, Reader friends! Today I’m bringing you an interview with Denise Weimer as we discuss her novel, White. Have you read it? 


1. Thanks for stopping by, Ms. Weimer. I’m sure the readers want to know what inspired you to write this story?
The Restoration Trilogy (White, Spring 2016; Widow, Autumn 2016; and Witch, Spring 2017) took shape in my mind as I watched my parents restore a historic doctor’s house and apothecary shop. I’ve always loved history and architecture. And aren’t we all intrigued by what secrets those old buildings hold?

In my fictionalized series, a man who inherits his ancestor’ doctor’s house, apothecary and log cabin and the preservation grad he hires to oversee the project uncover a story from a different century in each of the buildings. These stories of Michael’s ancestors contain lessons of heart healing both he and Jennifer need to apply in the present so they can move away from painful pasts and into freedom. And of course, romance!

This physical restoration process really mirrors the spiritual restoration God wants to do in each of us. In writing The Restoration Trilogy, I framed some deeper spiritual truths in a warm and humorous Deep South community.

2. What was your favorite aspect of writing this story?
I really came to enjoy these characters. At first, Jennifer comes across as rough around the edges. She’s been through a lot in life ​and has learned to rely on herself. But as the welcome of the community softens her, her God-given talents and sense of humor shine through. And as she butts heads with Michael over how to restore the buildings, the two gradually learn to compromise, work together and appreciate each other. Friendship turns into a sweet romance.
These characters took on a life of their own, so much so that when I went to my parents’ property after writing, I half expected to see them there!
3. Is there any genre you haven’t written that you would like to try?

From my author friends, I hear it isn’t too often a writer crosses over from historical fiction (like my Georgia Gold Series) to modern romantic suspense, but that’s exactly what worked best for Restoration Trilogy! I expect my future contains writing in both genres. I could also imagine more mystery, supernatural suspense or even a thriller, stories that dig into life’s deeper struggles while remaining clean and pointing to Christ.
4. I’m curious. Do you eat or drink while writing? What’s your favorite go-to writing snacks?
Toni, that’s a very perceptive question. LOL! Generally I do coffee with devotions before sitting down to the computer. When I get engrossed I type away with just a glass of water at hand. However, somewhere around 2 p.m., it’s time to brew the hot tea. Love me a cup of English Breakfast or a seasonal pumpkin roobois (even out of season) – maybe with a shortbread cookie!
5. What’s next for you in the world of books? Can you share?
My next year includes many appearances at stores, festivals and clubs – and a lot of blogging and online parties – promoting The Restoration Trilogy. As an emerging author, I’ve learned how important both in person and online events are. I’ve also completed several novellas recently, some of which may appear in collections with other awesome Christian authors.
Thank you so much for having me today!

About the Book


From the back cover: “The Restoration Trilogy: When Jennifer Rushmore accepts a brooding bachelor’s job offer to act as a coordinator for the restoration of his family’s historic doctor’s house (White), apothecary (Widow) and log cabin (Witch) in a rural Georgia community, little does she know it’s her own heart that will undergo the greatest renovation. Three stories. Three centuries. Three lessons on the healing of the heart. And one buried mystery that threatens their redemption.

White: As historic preservationist Jennifer and brooding bachelor Michael restore his ancestors’ historic doctor’s residence in a rural Georgia community, they uncover the 1920s-era prejudice and secrets that caused Michael’s branch to fall off the family tree. Recent graduate Jennifer is determined to fulfill her first professional position with integrity even if her employer lacks a proper appreciate of history. Far more challenging–and sinister–than the social landscape of Hermon are the strange accidents hinting that someone doesn’t want them on the Dunham property. Yet Michael’s and Jennifer’s own pasts pose the biggest obstacles to laying a fresh foundation of family and community.”

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About the Author


Denise Weimer holds a journalism degree with a minor in history from Asbury University. A former magazine writer, she is the author of romantic novella Redeeming Grace, The Georgia Gold Series (Sautee Shadows, The Gray Divide, The Crimson Bloom, and Bright as Gold – winner of the 2015 John Esten Cooke Award for outstanding Southern literature) and The Restoration Trilogy (White, Widow and Witch). Denise is a wife and swim mom of two daughters who always pauses for old houses, coffee and chocolate!

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6 thoughts on “An Interview with Denise Weimer”

  1. I’m so glad to see White featured on your blog, as I loved this book and look forward to the next one. Have a blessed day ladies.


  2. Another new author and new story for me. Thank you for sharing about this. I want to read Denise Weimer’s stories. 🙂


    1. Hi, Melissa, great to meet you! Thanks for leaving a comment. If you like historical fiction you might enjoy the Georgia Gold Series as well. 🙂 And look for the Goodreads giveaway of WIDOW, sequel to WHITE, starting later this week!


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