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My Thoughts: How to Stop Worrying


Happy Saturday, Reader friends! Hopefully, you have fun and relaxation coming your way. I didn’t have a big post to share this Saturday. Instead I want to ask the question, “What do you do to prevent yourself from worrying?”

​I’ll start first.

#1. Pray
​Seems like a no brainer, but I often have to remind myself. When worry is pressing in on all sides, I start talking to the Lord. It doesn’t have to be about my issue, just the act of talking slowly pushes the worry away.

​#2. Sing
​For the sake of my family, this is often done in my head. No one wants to hear me sing, but my soul needs to. I sing any and any worship song I can think of that brings calm to my soul and praise to my lips. (Kari Jobe is a favorite, anyone else’s’?)

​#3. Plan
​Sometimes having an action plan calms me even if I know it has little chance to become reality. I know God is in control and I’m okay with that. The action plan is just so I can say I did something. (I’m sure there’s a trust sermon in there somewhere.)

​#4. Relax
​Sometimes just refocusing my mind onto something relaxing is enough to push the worry away. I have a husband, two kids, and friends and family who surround me with their presence and help me relax. Thank You, God!

6 thoughts on “My Thoughts: How to Stop Worrying”

  1. Hi Toni. As usual you offer us a very nice ‘thought provoking post’. Because of my age I have the advantage of critiquing many years within my life’s trajectory. This allows me to say, daily, with great confidence that ‘God has superbly managed my life ‘. There is no reason he will not continue to do this.Hope you and your family have a great weekend!


  2. Thanks, Toni, for these practical tips. I’ve never thought of singing to help with worry. I’ll have to try that! But prayer for sure always works…when I do it!


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