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My Thoughts: How to Become Your Favorite Author’s #1 Fan

Happy Saturday!! Today I thought I would share a fun post that came to me in the middle of the night. So read on and remember it it’s all in fun. 😉

How To Become Your Favorite Author’s #1 Fan


#1. Stalk Them on Social Media

​Ever wonder why your favorite author has so many social media sites? The better for you to stalk them with, my dear. I mean seriously, why else would they share their websites, facebook author pages, Instagram links, and all the others? It’s because they want you to find them. And can you really be considered their favorite fan when you only follow their website?!

#2. Read all their books

​Okay, this one is common sense. If you haven’t read every single last book, then how are they your favorite author? Better yet, how are you their number one fan? I’m talking about going all the way back to the first novel that even they may be hiding on their bookshelf. And, if you want to get a leg up on your competitors, review them. Sure, authors say even a one line review helps, but remember you’re shooting for #1 fan! At least leave a paragraph informing the ignorant public of their writing powers and why their books need to be #1 in their TBR pile. Enough said!

#3. Promote their latest book

​You know that newsletter you signed up for because of step #1? Yeah, that thing gives you early access to their pre-orders as well as sharable links. So what are you waiting for? Share the links! You’ve already opened social media accounts wherever your favorite author is so use that platform and shout to the world that your favorite author has a new book coming soon. It’s the whole squeaky-wheel-gets-the-grease ploy. Your friends, if they’re smart enough to like the same author, will at least pre-order/buy the book to get you out of their newsfeed. Plus, your favorite author will see all of your hard work. Mission accomplished.


#4. Ask Your Local Library to Stock Their Works

​Some reader don’t know they can “Suggest a Title” to their local library. *Gasp* How do you expect to earn #1 Fan title if you aren’t asking your local library (and every one you legally have a library card to) to carry their works? It takes but a hot minute to log on and suggest their title. Be sure to share a pic of you doing so and tag your local author and request all your friends to do the same on all of your social media sites!
​P.S: some libraries now let you leave reviews. Score!

#5. Book Signings

While you’re lamenting the fact that a book signing isn’t near you, other fans are selling books (not by their favorite author, of course), collecting bottle cans, and working their road trip skills to go see their favorite author. Now is not the time to wimp out. Besides, if you don’t go, what will your favorite author do without their #1 fan? They’ll probably be shoved to the back of the book store where no one can see them and find out how awesome their books truly are. Way to go.


#6. Write to Them

​I’m not talking about cutting out magazines with gloves on and mailing them a letter. We’re #1 fans, not crazy. However, authors love getting mail telling them how great and inspiring their novel was to you. Hello, that’s why there’s a contact form on at least one social media site. Some even give you their information in the “Dear Reader” letter in their books. Yet, you let fear and a lack of a stamp prevent you from gushing about your favorite author. For shame. Go old school, pull out a pen and paper and send them a letter stat. You never know how often they’ll pull that back out on the days where doubt and insecurity has created a writer’s block.

Your turn. Am I missing any steps? What have you done to prove you’re the #1 Fan?!

10 thoughts on “My Thoughts: How to Become Your Favorite Author’s #1 Fan”

  1. I love staying in touch with my favorite authors. You, Toni Shiloh, are one of my favorites. 🙂 I agree with the ideas you listed. As a reader, I appreciate when authors answer comments and/or questions on social media or emails. Also, participating in contests, like on Goodreads, is a great way to let the author know you are happy to promote them and their stories. Also, I always take a book with me to doctor appointments, etc. So many times, people will ask what I am reading and I can share about the book and the author. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, Melissa! I appreciate all the times you comment on my blog and my other social media sites. Authors are nothing without the readers.


  2. Hi Toni. Yes reading your post was indeed fun! I couldn’t help but think of the term, ‘Groupie’. Seriously, you offer great avenues through which people can let their favorite writer or writers know how much they appreciate them and enjoy their ‘Writings’. Thanks for sharing. Hope that you are enjoying your weekend. Mary


  3. “I’m not talking about cutting out magazines with gloves on and mailing them a letter.” LOL That sentence gave me all kinds of ideas. 🙂
    Great post. I loved it. I shared it.


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