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Review of The Bachelor’s Sweetheart by Jean C. Gordon

Happy Tuesday, Reader Friends!

​Today I wanted to share my thoughts on Jean C. Gordon’s The Bachelor’s Sweetheart. ​However, you might want to know where to purchase it. It can be found at Amazon, B&N, and Harlequin. And if you aren’t already connecting with Ms. Gordon on social media, check out her Website, Facebook, and Goodreads page.

​There is also currently a Goodreads giveaway going on. You can enter HERE until August 1st for a chance to win 1 of 3 copies available.



This is by far my favorite book from Ms. Gordon.

​Tessa Hamilton values her friendship with Josh Donnelly. Y’all the easy camaraderie and jokes that go on between these two are enough to induce grins and that hope they’ll get together.

​But Tessa has a past and Josh has made his opinions known, without realizing he’s throwing barbs at his best friend.

​Great, great, great read. It’s amazing how we let preconceived notions hinder us from happiness. It’s what Josh does throughout the novel until he has his light bulb moment. I liked watching them navigate the waters beyond friendship and overcoming their fears.

Make sure you get a copy! Happy Reading!

​*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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